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How to Register Your Puppies

We offer multiple methods online and on paper for you to register your litters and puppies. What are the best options for you? For online registration EZ Reg provides the breeder the most flexibility for the lowest cost. For registering on paper, the Full Litter Plus registers both the litter and puppies on one form, or you can register your litter and follow up with a Full Litter Plus to register the individual puppies.

Online Registration via EZ Reg: You can register the individual puppies for a discounted $20 per puppy with no co-owner fees by using EZ-Reg.

You get there by making these selections on the “Breeders” page.

It has four steps:

    1. Register the litter
    2. Pre-pay for the individual puppies in the Breeder Payment Application. The fee will be $20 per unregistered puppy. You will be asked to sign in using the litter number, dam’s registration number and her certificate issue date. The $20 will cover basic registration. There are no co-owner fees or long name fees.
    3. Enter the individual puppy information in the Puppy Management Application. You can log out and return to Puppy Management as often as you like. You will use the same credentials used in step 2 to login. Follow the steps above selecting “Manage/Update Pre Paid Puppy registrations” instead of “Prepay.”
    4. For each puppy, select the puppy number in the upper left hand corner and then fill in the information.

When done with your input, select save. If you have completed all information for that puppy, select Transfer (or Continue if registering back to the litter owners) to begin the process of finalizing the registration. You have the choice to complete the registration on behalf of the new owner. If you choose this, step through the package selection process to the end (Select Silver, Silver Plus, or Basic for just the registration certificate continue and then select or unselect the additional add-ons). Complete the registration by Agreeing & Certifying the registration information. If you select any additional upgrades (i.e. pedigrees, lost & found, etc) you will be asked for your credit card number just prior to the Agree & Certify page. If you have a balance and did not intend to purchase additional items, step back through to unselect the unwanted items.

If you go back to edit a puppy’s information, you will need to select “Edit Transfer” to release the record for editing.

If you wish to have the new owners complete the process after you have filled in the initial information, you can print a prefilled out Individual Registration Application, or email the prefilled application to the new puppy owner to complete the process. My recommendation is to advise the new owner they have 30 days to name the dog and complete the registration, otherwise you will name the puppy with your kennel name + call name + their last name. This may give them incentive to not procrastinate.


  1. For registrations that the new owners are completing, they would fill out the rest of the prefilled registration form or go online using the URL & access codes on the form to complete the registration and package selection for their puppy.

When using EZ Reg, please verify that your puppies are registered after you complete the process by going into your MyAKC account and viewing your registered puppies or using the AKC Form Status tool. If you have any problems while registering using EZ Reg, please call us so we can help you. EZ Reg is a wonderful tool that you can use on your own time, but it can be sensitive.

If you are a visual learner, we have a recorded demo of the tool that you can view here.

You can also use the Full Litter Offspring Plus form to register all of the puppies for the same price if you prefer to send the written form in.