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It’s E-Z for Breeders of Merit to Register All Their Puppies

As a Breeder of Merit, you have demonstrated your commitment to the AKC community, to dedication to your breed(s), and to ensuring that 100% of your puppies are individually registered with the AKC. To help you achieve your puppy registration goal, we offer multiple registration options.

Which option is right for you?

If you prefer the convenience of online registration, we recommend our Breeder E-Z Reg program. Not only does this program offer discounted puppy registration fees, but it also provides breeders with an efficient and effective method of ensuring that all puppies are registered. This includes the ability to name the puppy, set the registration status (Full or Limited) and purchase additional services or products at discounted rates. For those who still prefer to register puppies using a paper application, our Full Litter Plus registers both the litter and puppies using one form, or you can register your litter separately and follow up with a Full Litter Offspring Plus to register the individual puppies.

E-Z Reg Benefits

  • $10 discount on each basic puppy registration and no co-owner fees
  • Flexibility to register puppies to litter owners, new owners, or combination of both
  • Set Full or Limited registration status
  • Select color, markings, and sex
  • Lock in the puppy name – select from prefix, suffix, or the lock in the entire name (including the use of a Registered Kennel Name). Extended name fees are also waived
  • Enter microchip number and optionally enroll in AKC Reunite for a discounted fee
  • Access to discounted registration packages (online only) and a la carte items for your customers
  • Choice to complete the entire registration process on behalf of the new owner to ensure the registration is complete, or, using the online E-Z Reg process you can lock in puppy and owner details and then transfer the remainder of the optional registration choices to the new owner for completion. New owners can complete their registration online or choose to mail in a Pre-Paid Registration Application

Breeder EZ-Reg Overview

The online Breeder E-Z Reg process consists of four steps:

  1. Register the litter. You may register the litter online or by mailing in the paper form
  2. Pre-pay for each puppy in the litter. This is completed in one transaction using the Breeder Payment Application and the fee for each unregistered puppy is $20. For example, if there are six puppies in the litter, the total balance due would be $120
  3. Log in to the Puppy Management Application and enter puppy/owner details and save for completion now or later
  4. Complete puppy registration(s) on behalf of the new owner(s) or transfer the remainder of the registration to the new owner for completion. Some breeders prefer to complete the registration along with the new owners when they arrive to pick up their puppy
    • Be sure to void the original litter kit since the E-Z Reg application has its own application

Step-By-Step Instructions


  1. From, click on Products & Services and under the Breeder Programs & Services, click on Breeder E-Z Reg
  2. The Breeder E-Z Reg (blue page) will display four boxes. The first step explains that the litter must already be registered. If you already have a litter number, proceed to the next step – Breeder Payment Application
  3. Enter the litter number, dam’s registration number and dam’ s certificate issue date and click on Log in
  4. The total due for all puppies will be calculated for you. Only unregistered puppies are calculated. If a previous registration transaction has been started for a puppy, that puppy will not be included in this calculation. *Please note that if you are expecting more puppies to register, do not continue. Call customer service to cancel in-progress/abandoned registration transactions for you so the expected number of puppies can be included. Once completed, the Breeder Payment application cannot be done again to add additional dogs.
  5. Enter credit card information to complete the pre-payment for all unregistered puppies

Puppy Management

  1. Once the pre-payment is completed, a link is available to continue to Puppy Management. Click the link to proceed
    • If you would like to return to Puppy Management later, it can be accessed under Products & Services then under the Breeder Programs & Services, then click on Breeder E-Z Reg and select Breeder E-Z Reg Puppy Management
  2. Enter the litter number, dam’s registration number and dam’ s certificate issue date and click on Log in
  3. The Puppy Summary page will display. Each puppy number is displayed in the upper left corner
  4. Click on the puppy you would like to edit/register and that puppy’s form will display
  5. Enter the puppy and owner details and click on Save
  6. If you have completed all information for that puppy and are ready to transfer or register it, select Transfer to begin the process of finalizing the registration
  7. Choose your Transfer type:
    • Complete the Transfer on behalf of the new owner – you will complete the registration for the new owner, including any optional package selections and a la carte items
    • New Owner will complete the Transfer – the new owner will select their optional package and a la carte items choices and finalize the registration
  8. Once the puppy has been transferred, breeders can still edit the puppy or owner information if the registration has not yet been completed. Click the Edit link at the bottom of the Puppy Information form and make the appropriate selection (edit transfer information or clear transfer information and start again)

If you wish to have the new owners complete the process after you have filled in the initial information, you can email or print a Pre-Paid Registration Application which will contain the information submitted from the Puppy Management form and a PIN code for online completion. We recommend advising puppy owners to register within the first 30 days to ensure they receive maximum registration benefits and incentives. Registrations can also be completed when the puppy buyer arrives to pick up their puppy to ensure the process has been completed.

To encourage owners to complete their puppy’s registration, breeders may choose to advise that registrations not completed within 30 days will be completed on the owner’s behalf using the breeder’s kennel name and call name choice.

When using E-Z Reg, please verify that your puppies are registered after you complete the process by going into your MyAKC account and viewing your registered puppies or using the AKC Form Status tool. If you have any problems while registering using E-Z Reg, please contact customer service and we are happy to help! E-Z Reg is a wonderful tool that you can use on your own time, but it can be sensitive.

If you are a visual learner, we have a recorded demo of the tool that you can view here.