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Your Benefits as a Breeder of Merit

Breeders of Merit are entitled to several benefits. Are you taking full advantage of yours?

  • Gifts. Breeders of Merit get an appreciation gift for each litter in which 100% of the puppies are individually registered. The current gift is a $5 credit code that can be used for online litters or mailed in registrations. Just write in the coupon code in the payment section of the registration application or transfer. Multiple coupons can be used on a single mailed in registration. The coupon code will be delivered via email in an email titled “Your coupon is here! Thank you for 100% registration…”. It will be sent about 2 weeks after your last puppy in a litter is individually registered.
  • Online Credit. You receive up to $20 per month credit in your MyAKC account for purchase of downloadable reports from the AKC Store. Credits are refreshed on the 15th of each month. Downloadable reports include (but are not limited to) Research pedigrees, Progeny reports, Awards reports, Top Dog and Dog Defeated reports, etc. The credit cannot be used on items that we have to print or mail.
  • Banners. You may request and display Breeder of Merit Web Banners customized with your breed(s). Order your banner here.
  • Free lease notifications. Write BOM N/C in the payment section.
  • Free Revoke limited applications. Write  BOM N/C in the payment section
  • Free Online Breeder Classified listings. If you register online, DO NOT select the OBC when registering the litter as the online system will not apply your discount. Once the litter is approved, you will receive a litter number. Send litter number to to request your free OBC. If you are sending in an application, write BOM, free OBC next to the OBC selection box.
  • Free duplicate certificates. If you need a new copy of your certificate, call or email
  • You are welcome to submit your registrations via email to ( or the Special Services fax 919-816-3770.
  • Receive a discount on microchips from AKC Reunite; (not prepaid) using the coupon code MERIT7.