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Expert Advice: Senior Dog Health Watch for Signs of Health Problems in Older Dogs
Caring for the Senior Dog Contrary to popular belief, dogs do not age at a rate of seven human years for each year in their life. That age-old formula is probably based on the fact that dogs age faster than humans and have shorter life spans. Dogs are considered “senior” at about seven years old. […] | September 25, 2015
Expert Advice: Natural Foods Dogs Can Adapt to a Vegetarian Diet…with Supplements
  Will a Meatless Diet Jeopardize Your Dog’s Health? As farmers’ markets blossom with a wider assortment of fresh fruit and vegetables during the summer months, many families choose to spice up the dinner menu with occasional vegetarian meals. But can the family dog handle a vegetarian diet? In general, dogs are omnivorous. They eat […] | June 1, 2015
Expert Advice: Products & Accessories 5 Types of Dog Toys
A rope. A bone. A stick. There was a time when those were the only dog toys available. Times have changed. Dog toys today are a big chunk of the multi-billion-dollar pet industry. Pets as a business began in the mid-1800s. Pet supplies and toys were from the beginning the most profitable end of the […] | May 21, 2015
Expert Advice: Common Behavior Issues Digging for Tips: Keeping Your Dog out of the Garden
You Can Keep Your Pooch from Digging up the DaisiesApril showers bring May flowers—but all that work can be ruined when one determined dog gets to it. We asked our Facebook followers for advice for when gardening efforts are hindered by a hairy horticulturist. Here are some of the suggestions we received: When planting inedible […] | May 20, 2015
Expert Advice: Cute & Funny Band of Working Dogs Keep the Peace at the Pittsburgh Zoo
Guardians of the ZooAfrican elephants are the unexpected residents of 724 acres of lush forest and pasture in southwest Pennsylvania. Even more surprising, is a group of elite canines that helps to protect these endangered animals from wildlife and human intruders. The International Conservation Center (ICC), which is part of the Pittsburgh Zoo, is dedicated […] | May 20, 2015
Expert Advice: Common Conditions Dog Allergy Symptoms: What’s Causing Them and How to Treat it
He’s scratching and licking, keeping you awake, ruining his show coat, and giving himself a handy excuse for breaking that stay. It’s driving you crazy—imagine how he must feel. We most often associate allergies with sneezing and respiratory problems in people, but in dogs, allergies are most often associated with the skin and gastrointestinal (GI) […] | May 19, 2015
Expert Advice: Common Behavior Issues Watch for Warning Signs of an Aggressive Dog
Aggressive Dogs: Body Language It’s very important to learn to recognize signs of an aggressive dog and potential dog fight. It can mean the difference between a romp at the dog park or a day in the veterinary emergency room. You have to be able to decode the body language of an aggressive dog. Here […] | May 12, 2015
Expert Advice: Puppy Training New Dog Owners Must Avoid Mistakes in Puppy Rearing
A Few Puppy Don’tsHaving a new puppy is a lot like parenting. We need to find the line between being overprotective and providing the puppy with a safe environment to let his personality develop. A few of the don’ts about puppy rearing: Puppies love to play, but don’t get too rough. Be careful playing games […] | May 12, 2015
Expert Advice: Puppy Health Puppy Socialization and the Risk of Disease
How to Safely Socialize Your PuppyA puppy’s socialization period, which occurs from 6-14 weeks of age, is critical for a dog's behavioral development. During this time, positive experiences with other dogs, people, noises and activities can reduce the likelihood of fearful behaviors, such as aggression and phobias, later in the dog's life. Puppies that are […] | May 12, 2015
Expert Advice: Natural Foods 7 Foods Dogs Should Not Eat
Harmful Snacks Most dogs will sample just about anything that resembles food. Responsible owners prevent their dogs from eating anything that could be harmful. Veterinarians offer this list of seven foodstuffs that dogs should not be allowed to eat. Xylitol-containing products: Xylitol is an artificial sweetener often found in sugar-free candy and gum. It is extremely toxic […] | May 12, 2015

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