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AKC Temperament Test

ATT Evaluator Resources

The evaluators for the ATT must either be approved AKC licensed judges of obedience or rally or be an approved CGC evaluator. The person who conducts the ATT testing is referred to as the “ATT Evaluator.” All ATT Evaluators must go through an approval process that involves completing an ATT Evaluator application, logging in to Canine College online and completing 4 online training modules and passing an online exam consisting of approximately 30 questions.

Evaluators are responsible for working with the host club to plan the test, designing the layout of the test, training the stewards on using the test equipment and when to deliver the stimulus, conducting the test, providing handlers with the required paperwork, and submitting the required online Test Summary Form within 7 days after the test so that titles can be issued. The evaluator and club work together to determine who will provide the materials for the test (teeter, PVC ladder, etc.) At the test, the evaluator must also complete the “Record of All Dogs Tested,” a short form that lists the owner and dog name and whether or not the test was passed. Evaluators are required to retain “Record of All Dogs Tested” form for a period of 1 year.

To apply to become an ATT Evaluator please complete the following exam in Canine College.

Items covered in the exam include these 4 modules which you will see when you visit the “AKC Canine College“.

Evaluator Materials needed for testing:

Following a test, evaluators must include all entries on the, “ATT Record of All Dogs Tested.” This form should be at each test so evaluators can record which dogs and owners were tested. Following the completion of any ATT test, the evaluator is required to complete the online ATT Test Summary Form. This form must be completed no later than 7 days following an event. This information is necessary in the processing of any ATT title applications. Failure to submit this online form in an accurate and timely manner may result in a club fine or revocation of evaluator status.