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AKC Temperament Test

Earn an ATT Title

If a dog passes the ATT on two occasions, under two different evaluators, the owner may apply for the AKC Temperament Test (ATT) suffix title.  The ATT Title Application along with the passing Evaluator Score Sheets from two different tests and the required title application fee must be submitted to AKC.  Upon verification, the ATT title will be applied to the dog’s record and will appear on the dog’s AKC title record.  The title certificate will be mailed to the dog’s primary owner of record.

All dogs entered in tests should already have either an AKC or FSS registration number or a Canine Partners Listing number or Purebred Alternative Listing Number.  To apply for a Canine Partner Listing or Purebred Alternative Listing number, use the correct form below.

To find an AKC Temperament Test happening near you check out our online event search calendar!