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AKC Agility League™

How To Get Started in AKC Agility League

Welcome to the AKC Agility League – a fun team-building twist on the sport of Agility! Teams compete on their “home base” – local training school, club, or even their backyards. Teams work together to judge, time, and set bars for their members. Scores are reported to AKC, and the team and dog rankings are released every two weeks – letting you know how you are doing against teams around the country.

Who is Eligible: The League is designed for dogs that are competing or just about ready to make their trial debut. They need to be proficient on all equipment and doing at least 6 weaves to join the novice-level class of Freshman. If you are looking to get started in this fun sport and train your dog, there are lots of resources for getting started in Agility.

Steps for Getting Started:

Step 1: Form or Find a Team

Teams are composed of 3 to 8 dogs with the minimum team size being 3 dogs & 2 handlers. If you have your own equipment and space, you can form your own team with a group of friends. Individuals, clubs, or private schools can form teams. Name a captain and come up with a unique team name & start having fun! You can also check with local clubs and training schools to see if they have a league team that you can join or if they are interested in starting one.

Step 2: Start Training

League is a great way to gain practice in a competitive environment but with lower pressure. It is the perfect environment to get coaching from captains, instructors, and others with experience in the sport. For those with experience, it offers an opportunity to mentor new people in the sport and prep your dogs for upcoming trials and big events. Training with your team is a key part of the program! Please review our AKC Agility League Guidebook for more information on the current or upcoming season.

Step 3: Compete

There are three 12-week seasons a year: Winter, Spring/Summer & Fall. The teams run six courses over the 12 weeks – one course every two weeks. The courses are designed for the skill level of the dogs and the field /ring size of the facility. There are options for every level from international style courses to novice courses. There is also a Limited field division for smaller spaces! Each season, team captains enroll using our Team Enrollment Form. Once your team is enrolled, handlers then sign up using our Handler Enrollment Form. Fall 2023 Season Enrollment is currently open through Sept. 4. Please write to get enrollment forms and information.

Step 4: Rankings and Awards

Dogs are scored on time plus faults, and at the end of each season, the top-ranking teams and dogs are recognized and win cool prizes! The Clean Sweep Award honors those dogs who run all six rounds fault-free. All Clean Sweep winners receive a medal & a Clean Sweep magnet. Keep up with our most recent AKC Agility League Facebook Group winners!


Have additional questions on AKC Agility League? Well, we have the answers! Check out our FAQ for more information on getting started.

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