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AKD 3.20

Standard Schnauzer Club of America collection

c. 1900-2013

22 linear ft in 37 boxes (26 document boxes, one periodical box, 2 large slide boxes, 4 flat boxes, one photograph box, 3 small AV boxes) and one file drawer

Processed by Katie Bednark, 2016


The Standard Schnauzer Club of America (SSCA) records include documentation of the club’s efforts to promote the Standard Schnauzer breed in the United States. A notable part of the collection are the club’s newsletters and periodicals, Pepper ‘N Salt, documenting the club’s membership, dog shows, pedigrees and champions, breeders, meetings, finances, and articles of interest from 1951 to 2011. Other publications include versions of the SSCA Source Book, regional club publication Beards ‘N Brows, and breed books in English and other languages. The collection also contains Board and General Meeting Minutes and agendas, correspondence, and membership records. A variety of National Specialty dog show records include audio-visual recordings, photographs and slides, memorabilia, catalogs, and show records and pedigrees for individual Standard Schnauzers. There are approximately 2,400 slides mostly dating from the late 1970s to early 1980s and many educational videos included in the collection. Long-time breeder Lt. Col. Frances Reynolds’ film footage is also included, along with a photograph album depicting Reynolds and Salzundpfeffer Standard Schnauzers in the 1970s and early 1980s.


The collection is arranged into four groups based on format and/or content:

  1. Club Governance and Administration, 1926-c. 2013
  2. Dog Shows, 1942-2010
  3. Publications, c. 1900-2011
  4. Educational and Other Audiovisual, Photographs, and Slides, 1957-2005

Club History

The Schnauzer Club of America (also first known as the Wire-haired Pinscher Club) formed in 1925 for both Standard and Miniature Schnauzer fanciers. George D. Sloan of Brookmeade Kennels served as the club’s first president.

The first national specialty show for Schnauzers was held in 1927, one day before Westminster, with sixty-one Miniature and Standard Schnauzer entries. The next national specialty show was held four years later. In 1933, the club separated into the Standard Schnauzer Club of America (“SSCA”) and the American Miniature Schnauzer Club, after which the SSCA held annual national speciality shows (except during World War II, 1942-1945).

The first breed standard was adopted in 1929 and has been revised several times since. The SSCA has published three breed Source Books to date, in 1968, 1973, and 1983, containing historical breed information. Updates are issued periodically by the club. The club also publishes Pepper ‘N Salt, a comprehensive bi-monthly club newsletter and quarterly magazine.

More information on the SSCA can be found on its website,


Collection was a gift of Harvey W. Mohrenweiser, AKC Delegate, on behalf of the Standard Schnauzer Club of America in 2012.


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