AKC Government Relations Resources

Here you can access a list of AKC Government Relations resources available to help you be effective advocates for responsible dog ownership and breeding! Be sure to check back often, as we are continuously adding new items.

If you have any questions about these materials, or are dealing with a canine legislation issue, please contact AKC Government Relations at (919) 816-3720 or doglaw@akc.org.

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AKC Government Relations Resources
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Advocacy Assistance/Public Outreach
Be Your Dog’s Best Friend... And a Good Neighbor
Canine Legislation: What is the AKC Doing About it? What Can You Do?
Communicating Effectively with Your Legislators - brochure
Communicating Effectively with Your Legislators - printable flyer
How a Bill Becomes a Law
Make Your Contact Count
What to do When a Bad Bill is Introduced
AKC CLSF Expands Advocacy and Education

Articles and Issue Analyses
Dispelling the Myths of Cropped Ears, Docked Tails, Dewclaws, and Debarking
Why Mandatory Spay/Neuter Laws are Ineffective
Why Breed-Specific Legislation Doesn’t Work
The Value of Responsible Dog Breeders
Conformation Shows – More Than Just a Pretty Face
AKC’s Government Relations Department Legislative Analysis Service
Unintended Consequences: PUPS/Proposed APHIS Regulations
It’s About the Dogs! Non-Economic Damages Claims Harm Animal Wellbeing

Canine Legislation Awareness Flyers
Can You Imagine a World Without Dogs?
Cuddle This - horizontal version
Cuddle This - vertical
Election Day – Your Rights Could Hang in the Balance
Where Did All the Dogs Go?

Economic Impact of Dog Shows
2013 State Economic Impact Statistics
The Economic Benefits of AKC Dog Shows flyer

Government Relations Brochures/Handouts
AKC Care & Conditions Policy
AKC’s Government Relations Department: Here to Help You!
AKC Legislative Liaison Program
Animal Limit Laws: Better Alternatives – one-page handout
The Dangers of “Guardianship” – brochure
The Dangers of “Guardianship” – handout
The Deed... Not the Breed
Establishing a Dog Park in Your Community – booklet (download only)
Establishing a Dog Park in Your Community – handout
Establishing a Dog Park in Your Community – brochure
Safe Housing for Dogs

Government Relations Issue Briefs
AKC Inspections
Breed-Specific Legislation
Cropping and Docking
Dog Limit Laws
Mandatory Spay-Neuter
Responsible Breeding Practices

Government Relations Position Statements
Canine Legislation Summary Position Statements – List of all policy position statements

Animal Terrorism
Breeding Regulations and Restrictions
Canine Population Issues
"Dangerous Dog" Control Legislation
Dog Auctions
Dog Fighting
Ear Cropping, Tail Docking and Dewclaw Removal
Enforcement of the Animal Welfare Act
"Guardian" v. Owner
Homeowners' Insurance and Dangerous Dogs
Misuse of Service Dogs
Proper Care and Humane Treatment of Dogs
Protection for Puppy Purchasers
Public Transportation for Dogs
Purebred Dog Rescue
Responsible Breeding Practices
Responsible Dog Ownership
Spaying and Neutering
The Advantages of Purebred Dogs
The Right to Keep and Enjoy Dogs
Use of Dogs in Research
Use of Dogs in Sporting, Working and Competition Activities
Use of Working, Assistance & Service Dogs

Policy/Informational Packets
Contact the AKC Government Relations Department at (919) 816-3720 or doglaw@akc.org to request more information or to order these items:

Consumer Protection Legislation Packet – Discussion, position statement and sample laws concerning "puppy lemon laws."

Dangerous Dog Legislation Packet – Discussion, position statements and sample laws concerning dangerous dog laws.

Organizing State Federations Packet – Discussion of how to organize statewide groups to share information on canine legislation and conserve resources.

Preventing Breeding Restrictions Packet – Discussion of legislative proposals that would restrict or regulate dog breeding.

Click here to view a series of PowerPoint presentations recorded by the AKC Government Relations staff.

Sample Letters to the Editor
Breed-Specific Legislation – Word | PDF | Text
Breeder Regulations – Word | PDF | Text
Breeder Regulations – Ownership Limits – Word | PDF | Text
Limit Laws – Word | PDF | Text
Mandatory Spay/Neuter – Word | PDF | Text

Sample Letters to Lawmakers
Breed-Specific Legislation – Word | PDF | Text
Breeder Regulations – Word | PDF | Text
Ear Cropping/Tail Docking – Word | PDF | Text
Limit Laws – Word | PDF | Text
Mandatory Spay Neuter – Word | PDF | Text
Constituent Introduction to Lawmakers – Word | PDF | Text

Canine Legislation Candidate Survey
Candidate Survey – PDF