2009 AKC National Lure Coursing Championship

December 5-6, 2009 - Florence, Texas

The AKC National Lure Coursing Championship was held on December 5-6 at Florence, Texas.

We would like to thank James Hicks and his wife Lynda Hicks, the owners of the Double-H Ranch where this event took place for allowing the use of this fabulous facility and for all of their hard work getting the event fields ready.

The event was co-hosted by the Afghan Hound Club of Austin and the Tulsa Sighthound Association. They did a wonderful job coordinating the event.

Only about 20 acres of this 300 + acre ranch was used to set up the three separate coursing fields.

No dogs ran on the same field for more than one event.

Eleven of the sighthound breeds were represented at this largest ever event.

Of the 160 dogs that ran each day, included were 13 AKC conformation Champions, 41 Duel Champions ( Conformation and Field ), 47 Field Champions and 2 recent National Lure Coursing Champions entered. This was truly the Best of the Best.

The two separate lighting systems ( about 2 million watts each ) had the inspection areas as light as day for the early morning ( 6 am ) roll call.

The weather was cool to cold, and the dogs really enjoyed the temperature and the large coursing fields.

The events went off great and the B-B-Q on Saturday evening that was held on site was attended by over 100 persons.

Here is an action photo and the trophy presentation of the AKC National Lure Coursing Champion of 2009. This is FC Windrock Candle In The Wind. Amber is owned by Kim and Colin Fritzler of Clifton, CO.

Photo L-R Gary Runyan, (Field Chairman), Bob Mason (AKC Field Rep), Kim Fritzler (owner and handler)
and judge Laurie Soutar.

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