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Tracking Test Secretary Resources

Tracking Test Event Kit for Tracking Test Secretaries

Links to forms and materials you need to host Tracking Tests are listed below. Some forms require multiple copies as indicated below.

Forms – please print the number of copies indicated to have when needed at your tracking events. PDFs – please download and/or print these PDF documents to have available at your tracking events.
Event Committee Hearing – Procedural Checklist
(1 copy)
Tracking Test Manual
Disqualification for Attacking Form
(Judge’s Form; 3 copies)
Tracking Regulations
Dog Aggression Form
(Event Committee Form; 3 copies)
Dealing with Misconduct
Dog on Dog Attack Form
(Judge’s Form; 3 copies)
Event Secretary’s Report – Tracking
Disqualification and Reinstatement Booklet
(1 copy)
Rules Applying to Dog Shows
Disaster & Emergency Plan
Junior Handler Certification
(Trial Secretary Form; 2 copies)


Tracking Test Trial Secretary Resources