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Parent Club Title Recognition

Temperament Testing


Temperament Testing is an important characteristic for any breed.  There are several AKC Parent Clubs which are currently participating in having the AKC recognize their breed as having passed a temperament test or certification. Some Parent Clubs have their testing administered by the American Temperament Test Society (ATTS) and some conduct their own testing.  AKC will recognize either upon a Parent Club’s request. Owners of dogs who pass, can apply to have a temperament test title placed on their dog’s AKC record and receive an AKC certificate of title.  Owners can request this recognition by using the Temperament Test Title Application. Breeders in particular find this most useful when incorporating qualities associated with sound temperament into their breeding program.  A temperament test or certification measures a dog’s reaction or behavior to various elements presented to them such as a stranger, usually of varying degrees ranging from neutral and friendly, to threatening and aggressive. A measure is also conducted on a dog’s reaction to auditory stimulus (gunshots) and reaction to visual stimulus (umbrella pop). There other environmental exposures such as unusual footing. An example would be to have a dog walk on a very unfamiliar surface.  The dog’s reactions are monitored for displays of unprovoked aggression, panic, or strong avoidance, all of which would usually be grounds for failure.

If you are interested in having your breed approved for this type of title, please send a written request to:

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