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Barn Hunt

Holding Barn Hunt Events In Conjunction With AKC Events


Barn Hunt events may be held in conjunction with AKC events provided they are held “separate and apart”. Separate and apart means there must be a clear demarcation between the two events. The clear demarcation can be achieved in a number of ways —

  • Different times — Starting the Barn Hunt event after the AKC event is complete.
  • Different locations — If held at the same time, clubs must designate a specific area where the Barn Hunt event is held which is different than the location of the AKC event. This is dependent on the nature of the location. Examples:
    1. The Barn Hunt event is held in a different facility, or
    2. If held in an open area, the Barn Hunt event is held on the south side of the parking area while the AKC event is to the north of the parking lot.
  • The specific starting time and location for each event is to be clearly stated in the premiums or information flyer.

The reason for the “separate and apart” provision is to clearly identify which club/organization is responsible for misconduct, which club/organization assumes liability and which set of rules apply at the location.

If one club signs an agreement with the land/facility owner, it is that clubs responsibility to establish the parameters of use with the second club.

Since the AKC acknowledges titles earned in Barn Hunt events, AKC event documents sent out to participants may include information about the Barn Hunt event.