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AKC Rally®

Rally Trial Event Kit for Clubs

Links to the forms and materials you need to host Rally Trials are listed below. Some forms require multiple copies as indicated below.

Forms – please print the number of copies indicated to have when needed at your rally events. PDFs – please download and/or print these PDF documents to have available at your rally events.
Event Committee Hearing – Procedural Checklist

(1 copy)

AKC Obedience & Rally Trial Manual
Disqualification for Attacking Form

(Judge’s Form; 3 copies)

AKC Rally® Regulations
Dog Aggression Form

(Event Committee Form; 3 copies)

Dealing with Misconduct
Dog on Dog Attack Form

(Judge’s Form; 3 copies)

Report of Rally Trial
Disqualification and Reinstatement Booklet

(1 copy)

Rules Applying to Dog Shows
Disaster & Emergency Plan

(1 copy)

Junior Handler Certification

(Trial Secretary Form; 2 copies)