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Pointing Breeds

Meet the Breeds in the Field

A  Meet the Breeds In the Field video featuring 15 pointing breeds is now available.

***Winner of  the 2024

Dog Writers Association of America – Maxwell Award***

Check Video Out Here! 

In addition to being an interesting video, the video is meant to convey some important messages –

    • Understanding the interdependence of form and function is to understand the value of purebred dogs.
    • When AKC was founded in 1884, its first two sports were conformation and field trials.  This was driven by the desire of owners/breeders to have a structured way to evaluate form and function.
    • Understanding the history of these breeds allows us to appreciate that thoughtful owners and breeders have been working to enhance these breeds for hundreds of years, and we are the lucky ones that are benefiting from their work.
    • Considering the breeds in the context of time serves to remind us of our responsibility to the future of our breeds.
    • Our dogs provide us experiences that enrich our lives.