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Pointing Breed Field Trials

Pointing Breeds Field Trials: Judges’ Resources


Pointing Breed Field Trials – Judges’ Eligibility

Current Requirements

For all Judges Information please review Chapter 5 of the Field Trial Rules and Standard Procedure for Pointing Breeds

Prior to Apprenticeship
Minimum Age: 18 yrs.

Seminar: Strongly recommended

Handling Experience: Must have placed a dog at the level they intend to apprentice

Prior to Judging
Seminar: Strongly recommended

Written Test: Yes – score 85%+

Apprenticeship: Twice at stake to be judged *or higher under 2 different judges

Handling Experience: Must have a record of handling a dog or dogs to 5+ placements in adult stakes in any Pointing Breed field trials, (club’s responsibility to monitor) exception being made for persons that have judged 10 or more assignments at AKC field trials.

Field Trial Judges: Approved American Field judges are exempt from apprentice requirements (but are required to take written test).

To Maintain Ability to Judge

Seminars: No requirement

Written Test: No requirement

Frequency of Judging: No requirement

Judges Panel Qualifications
Previous Judging Experience: The two Judges of each stake must have a combined record of having judged at least 5 adult stakes in AKC or American Field

* Note for above use of “or higher” – Stakes are divided into three segments – puppy, derby, and broke dog. Within the broke dog segment, there is no difference between a gun dog and all-age stake for this purpose.

How to Host a Seminar:

To request a seminar, a club must begin by completing the online seminar request form.  Once a workable date is coordinated with a host field rep, your seminar will be advertised and materials will be sent. For more information contact Performance Judges 919-816-3904 or

View Current Seminars:

To view current seminar listings, please check here. If you do not see the sport you need in the drop down, that is because there are currently no seminars of that type booked.

Additional Resources: