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2018 AKC Gun Dog Championships

2018 AKC Gun Dog Championships

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2018 Gun Dog Championship Trial Coverage:

Brace Reports –


1A:  FC VK’s Twenty Gauge Xr (Deuce) Owner- Robyn & Sherwin Van Kooten, Handler- Sean or Sherwin Van Kooten/Jon Hann, Breed/Sex: Vizsla/M.
1B: Chicoree’s Jake’s Bonnie  (Bonnie) Owner- Fred Ryan DVM, Handler- Dan DiMambro, Breed/Sex: GSP/F. 
Bonnie was fast and hard but suffered a mishap with a bird and was up at 15.  Deuce scored a nice find at 16 in the rain.  At 24 Deuce pointed game again and stood mannerly.  His third find was at 30 and all in order.  He was mostly forward during the hour.  He showed good ground speed with a quartering pattern.

2A: FC Jackson Brown Wagoners Lightning SH CGC (Jackson) Owner- Lee C. Wagoner, Handler- Dan DiMambro, Breed/Sex: GSP/M.
2B: FC AFC WFK One Day I Aint Scared of You (Sipsey) Owner- C. Lane & Darcy Hodges, Handler- C. Lane Hodges, Breed/Sex: GSP/F
.  These two were strong and nicely forward in pattern.  At 15, Sipsey pointed with Jackson backing.  Both were stylish and staunch.  Sipsey pointed on the hillside at 23 but it proved unproductive.  At 40, Jackson pointed on the right, relocation was necessary but was done well, all was in good order.  Sipsey carded another find at 44, with good manners and style.  She pointed again at 50, with Jackson backing.  Both dogs looked good.  Sipsey pointed again at 54, relocation was needed but no birds were produced.  This second unproductive caused her to be picked up at 58.  Jackson went on to finish forward.

3A: FC Erin’s Saint Louis Jimmy, (Jimmy) Owner- Brian Wayson, Handler- Dave Pomfret, Breed/Sex: Pointer/M.
3B: FC Washington’s White Nelson (Nelson) Owner- Mark Johnson, Handler- Mark Smith, Breed/Sex: English Setter/M
.  Jimmy pointed game nicely at 6, on the end of a good cast.  Nelson scored a nice find of his own at 9  He pointed again at 14, all was looking well until the dog had too much movement on flush.  He was picked up.  Jimmy notched his second find at 18, birds were flushed for the mannerly dog.  At 23, he pointed stylishly on the hillside, he was mannerly for flush and shot.  Jimmy’s fourth find occurred at 46, a lengthy flush finally produced a very soggy, running quail for the mannerly dog.  He finished the hour forward.

4A: TJ’s Black Diamond (Coal) Owner- John A & Joanne Perry, Handler- Joanne Perry/John Perry, Breed/Sex: Brittany/M.
4B: FC AFC Riden High Rudy (Rudy) Owner- Ray Nelson, Handler- Dan DiMambro, Breed/Sex: GSP/M
.  Coal pointed nicely at 13, Rudy backed and all was in good order for both dogs.  At 20, on the right side of the hill, Rudy scored a nice find.  Rudy’s second find came at 45, near the road crossing.  He styled up again at 45 but this time it was unproductive.  On the left, at 58, Rudy pointed once more. This was a good find with all in order as the hour expired.

5A: FC Uodibar’s Morass (Morass) Owner- Ben & Don Coller, Handler- Dan DiMambro, Breed/Sex: GSP/M.
5B: FC Winston’s Revival (Winston) Owner- Janelle Venable, Handler- Greg Dixon, Breed/Sex: Pointer/M
.  Winston pointed birds successfully at 5.  He pointed at and 15 but both of these were unproductive and he was picked up.  Morass ran a medium gun dog race and handled well.  He went without game contact and his handler opted to pick up at 50.

6A: Handsome Hoffnug V Greif (Hopper) Owner- Clay Benton, Handler- Jon Hann, Breed/Sex: GSP/M.
6B: One Day Winnitgirl (Winnie) Owner and Handler- C. Lane Hodges, Breed/Sex: Pointer/F
.  Hopper pointed at 5, Winnie failed to back; no birds were put up and Hopper moved on.  Hopper went on to have eight finds, all handled cleanly.

7A: FC AFC Chicoree’s Sparkle in Her Eye (Sparkie) Owner- Fred Ryan DVM, Handler- Dan DiMambro, Breed/Sex: GSP/F.
7B: Miss American Pie (Kate) Owner & Handler- Dave O’Brien, Breed/Sex: Pointer/F
Half of this brace dropped to the end of the day on Friday.  Sparkie was in season and Kate was scratched.

8A: Dezasterous Jax the Ripper (Jax) Owner- Matthew Lee Smith, Handler- Dan DiMambro, Breed/Sex: GSP/M.
8B: FC One Day Freeze (Freeze) Owner & Handler C. Lane Hodges, Breed/Sex: Pointer/F.
Jax had a good find at 15.  At 19 and 35 he scored two more nice finds with Freeze backing mannerly on each.  Freeze pointed game with style at 38, all in order.  At 45, Jax scored his fourth find and his fifth at 48.  Jax ran a good forward pattern.

9A: NAFC FC Hey Lincoln Watch That Tail (Lincoln) Owner & Handler- Mark Smith, Breed/Sex: Irish Setter/M.
9B: Second Amendment (Remi) Owner- John & Joanne Perry, Handler- Joanne Perry/John Perry, Breed/Sex: Brittany/F.  Lincoln scored three times on game.  He handled all three finds with style and good manners.  He made attractive moves in the first half but slowed his pace after an excursion, late in the hour.  Remi’s first find came at 10, all good.  Her second at 15 was in a grassy area at 15.  Her third find was at 55.

10A: FC AFC Higby Getaway (Jasper) Owner- Judith Hamilton, Handler- Dave Pomfret,
Breed/Sex: English Setter/M

10B: High Roll-N’s Crapshoot (Shooter) Owner- Nelson Mills, Handler- Dave Walker, Breed/Sex: GSP/M.  Jasper pointed game at 5; Shooter pointed feathers at 6.  Shooter had a good find at 17.  Jasper had his next find at 20.  Shooter had a barren stand at 33 and was picked up.  His race to that point was excellent.  Jasper pointed feathers at 40 but scored a nice find at 48.  His fourth find came at 54, all in order.  At 58, he ran over a bird and was up.

11A: Backwoods Leroy Robert (Satchel) Owner- Bill Kennedy, Handler- Greg Dixon, Breed/Sex: GWP/M
11B: 2xNFC GFC FC Conway Mike (Mike) Owner- Chuck Cooper & Diane Vater,
Handler- Diane Vater, Breed/Sex: Pointer/M
.  Satchell ran around covering race with one find.  He failed to back at 45.  Mike ran a very fine race early, with attention getting moves but slowed in the last half.  He carded a find at 45.

12B: One Day Frost (Jack) Owner & Handler- C. Lane Hodges, Breed/Sex: Pointer/M.  Jack ran in place as a bye dog.  Jack pointed at 23 but no birds were produced.  He pointed feathers at 45, and a covey at 49 with attractive style.  At 55 he pointed again but his handler was unsure of him and rode in front of him, which basically served as flushing so the Jack was docked for another unproductive and was picked up.

7A: FC AFC Chicoree’s Sparkle in Her Eye (Sparkie) Owner- Fred Ryan DVM, Handler- Dan DiMambro, Breed/Sex: GSP/F.

12A: NAFC AFC Cali’s Wiki Wiki Mai Tai at Sunset (Mia) Owner- Charles Chadwell & Nancy Browne, Handler- Jon Hann, Breed/Sex: Vizsla/F.  Sparkie was lost early.  Mia pointed at 19 but even relocation didn’t net her quarry.  At 31 she caught a bird and Friday’s running was over.

13A: Rushcreek Semper Fi A Cut Above (CJ) Owner- Clinton & Valerie Sails
Handler- Clint Sails/Valerie Sails/Jim Rowell, Breed/Sex: Vizsla/M.

13B: FC AFC VK’s Twenty Gauge Gunnar (Gunnar) Owner- Robyn & Sherwin Van Kooten, Handler – Sean or Sherwin Van Kooten/Jon Hann, Breed/Sex: Vizsla/M.  Both dogs pointed in separate locations at 8, all in order.  At 11, CJ pointed with Gunnar backing naturally.  Gunnar again pointed successfully at 18.  At 22, CJ had a find on the right hillside; Gunnar had a find at 23.  Gunnar scored again at 28 and 33, all in order.  CJ honored at 33.  Gunnar scored again at 39; while CJ scored at 40; all good for both dogs.  CJ pointed again at 47 on the left.  Gunnar pointed for the seventh time at 53, with CJ backing nicely.

14A: Marjo’s Leftover (Haley) Owner- Danielle Perry, Handler- John Perry, Breed/Sex: Brittany/F 14B: AFC Hi-N’s Hasty Matilda (Matte) Owner & Handler- Hank Lewis, Breed/Sex: GSP/F.  Matte made some impressive moves and was rewarded with finds at 22 and 40.  Haley was birdless at 40 when she hung up in the lake corner.  Her handler opted to pick up.  Matte finished forward.

15A: FC Brophy’s Gonzo Style (Gonzo) Owner- Mary Pavelko & Greg Dixon
Handler – Greg Dixon, Breed/Sex: Irish Setter/M.

15B: Thomas’ Dixie (Dixie) Owner- Jonathan Thomas, Handler- Jim Carter, Breed/Sex: Brittany/F.  Gonzo pointed at 10 with pretty style; Dixie honored.  Gonzo carded another find at 17; Dixie scored nicely at 20.  Gonzo pointed a third time at 27, but things went wrong, and he was up.  Dixie had good finds at 28, 35 and 38.  She had an altercation with a bird at 46 and the brace was over.

16A WFK Peanut’s Lil’ Lindy Lou (Lindy) Owner- Nelson Mills, Handler- Dave Walker, Breed/Sex: GSP/F.
16B: Double M’s White on Rice (Odie) Owner- Merideth Mays, Handler- Clifford Mesnard, Breed/Sex: GSP/M.  Lindy pointed at 20 but didn’t handle it correctly and was up. Around the halfway point he began to shorten his race and hi handler opted to pick up.

17A: FC Blazin Liverhead Tip Topper (Topper) Owner- Peter Wilkin, Handler- Jon Hann/Peter Wilkin, Breed/Sex: GSP/M.
17B: FC AFC Nothin’ But Trouble (Trouble) Owner- Jim Carter and Drew Carter, Handler- Jim Carter, Breed/Sex: Brittany/F.  The wind picked up as this brace began.  Trouble carded a nice find on the left at 21.  Topper scored on the right at 23, Trouble came in for a mannerly back.  Trouble’s second find came at 31, all in order.  Topper’s second find came at 40, Trouble honored.  Topper pointed at 43, Trouble backed; relocation was necessary but no birds were found.  Trouble had a find on a single at 48.  Both dogs finished the hour to the front.

18A: FC Hi-Tailyn Katara (Katara) Owner- Scott Bodenstab, Handler- Ray Dohse, Breed/ Sex: GSP/F.
18B: NGDC FC AFC Doc Holliday’s Side By Side (Doc) Owner- Sean Van Kooten, Handler- Sean Van Kooten or Jon Hann, Breed/Sex: Vizsla/M.  Katara was scratched, Doc dropped down to 20 B.

19A: NFC Waybac’s Jewel Up Up And Away (Clark) Owner- Christopher & Stephanie Meyer, Handler- Diane Vater, Breed/Sex: Weimaraner/M.
19B: DC Up N’ Adam’s Sparks Fly (Wendy) Owner- Katrin & Thomas Tazza, Handler- Dave Walker, Breed/Sex: GSP/F.  Both dogs were pointing in separate locations at 10.  Clark had a bird produced in front of him; Wendy only had feathers.  At 20, Clark gave a bird a ride to end his run.  Wendy scooped up a dead bird at 35 and was picked up.

20A: Ben Shadow (Ben) Owner- Clinton & Valerie Sails, Handler- Clint Sails, Breed/Sex: Pointer/M.
20B: Hard Telling (Dixie) Owner & Handler David Obrien, Breed/Sex Pointer/F.  Dixie was scratched, running in her place was 18B: NGDC FC AFC Doc Holliday’s Side By Side (Doc) Owner- Sean Van Kooten, Handler- Sean Van Kooten or Jon Hann, Breed/Sex: Vizsla/M.  Doc had a find at 9 and again at 11, both were in good order.  Ben pointed at 15, Doc honored.  Both dogs handled the work nicely.  At 24, Ben ran over a bird and did not stop fast enough.  Doc had another find at 30, he stood tall for the flush.  He pointed again at 50, he was asked to relocate which he did with extreme caution.  The work completed by 55 with all in order.

21A: WFK Queen Bey (Ozzie) Owner- Nelson Mills, Handler- Dave Walker, Breed/Sex: GSP/F.
21B: Friedelsheim’s Five Shot Venti (Mimi) Owner- Barry & Michelle Bollinger, Handler- Barry Bollinger, Breed/Sex: GSP/F.  Neither dog had bird contact.  Ozzie was up at 40; Mimi was gone a lot.

22A: FC Glassilaun War Paint (Bat) Owner- Jamie Nee, Handler- Toby Tobiassen, Breed/Sex: Pointer/M.
22B: TKs First Class Traveler (Rowdy) Owner- Victor Scott, Handler- Jon Hann, Breed/Sex: GSP/M.  Bat made some big moves and was absent for awhile early in the hour.  Rowdy scored at 6 with a good find and carded a second at 11.  At 33 he pointed on a mowed edge and his game was flushed while he stood mannerly.  Rowdy’s next find came at 39 in the Sumac and was nicely done.  Bat pointed at 44 with Rowdy backing, all in order.  Bat pointed a second time at 48, this on a single, was also good work.  At 51, Rowdy scored his fifth find, as with the previous finds he was very mannerly.

23A: Wolf Plain Brooks Captain Jack (Jackson) Owner- Jeremy Goldsmith, Handler- Dennis Hazel/Jeremy, Breed/Sex: GSP/M.
23B: Backwood’s Redemption (Morgan) Owner- Bjorn Peterson, Handler- Greg Dixon, Breed/ Sex: Pointer /F.  Morgan pointed at 10 but it was a barren stand.  Jackson scored a good find at 16.  At 18, Morgan pointed off to the right but it proved to be a second unproductive and he was up.  Jackson pointed on the left at 19 and was also unsuccessful.  Jackson had a nice find at 49 but ran over a bird at 51 to end his bid.

24A: NFC NAFC GFC FC West Weim Get Yer Gun Ms Oakley Annie, Owner- Cydney Hansen & Frank Sommer, Handler- Diane Vater, Breed/Sex: Weimaraner/F.
24B: Pursuit’s Mistaken ID (Lola) Owner- Dr. Kenneth Block, Handler- Ray Dohse, Breed/Sex: Brittany/F.  Annie scored a nice find at 7 and another at 14.  Lola failed to back. Annie made some nice moves and notched another good find at 47.  She pointed again at 50 but no birds were produced.  At 58, she encountered and pointed a bird on a mowed strip, all in order.  She hunted the course wisely.

25A: FC St. Jude’s Champaign Fenway (Pesky) Owner- Ray & Jackie Marshall, Handler- Ray Dohse, Breed/Sex: English Setter/M.
25B: NAGDC FC AFC Wolf Plain Brooks Raven SH (Raven) Owner- Dennis & Jennifer Hazel, Handler- Dennis Hazel, Breed/Sex: GSP/F. Raven pointed nicely at 9, Pesky came up and took birds out, Raven went with him.  Easter Sunday running was complete.

26A: NFC FC AFC Penny’s Wiki Wiki Another Wai Tai Please (Ty) Owner- Charles Chadwell & Nancy Browne, Handler- Chad Chadwell, Breed/Sex: Vizsla/M
26B: Silvershot’s Otto Jon Knapp (Otto) Owner- Gary Lytle, Handler- Diane Vater, Breed/Sex: Weim/M.  Both dogs pointed at 4 but no birds were produced.  Ty pointed again at 14; Otto honored but it was not productive and Ty was up.  Otto pointed at 27 and took a step at flush.  His handler elected to pick up.

27A: Houghton’s Code Name Dutchess(Archer) Owner- Jenny Houghton, Handler- Ray Dohse, Breed/Sex: English Setter/M.
27B: Flappjacks Twisted Sister (Nova) Handler Jon Hann, Breed/Sex: GSP/F.  Archer got out of pocket early and was picked up.  Nova scored a find with an excellent relocation at 10.  At 20 she pointed on the right, she was mannerly for flush and shot.  At 25 she stood like a statue; relocation was necessary, but she handled it with aplomb.  Nova pointed on the left at 35, all in good order.  She pointed game again at 47 and finished her hour with her sixth find.  She was rock steady on her birds.

28A: Hi-N’s Bodacious (Bo) Owner- Hank Lewis/Dan DiMambro, Handler- Hank Lewis, Breed/Sex: GSP/M
28B: Chattahoochee (AJ) Owner- Jim Carter and Drew Carter, Handler- Ray Dohse, Breed/ Sex: Brittany/M.  AJ had a clean find at 10, he wasn’t suiting his handler and was taken up.  Bo scored a find at 7.  He ran a big race with the handler riding hard to keep up with him.  He pointed again at 18 along the road; all was in good order.  He settled in later in the hour to handle more kindly.  His third find came at 43 on the right; he was stylish and mannerly.

29A: FC WFK Stephens’ Dakota (Dakota) Owner- Robert Todd Stephens, Handler- Dave Walker, Breed/ Sex: GSP/F.
29B: FC Ubetcha (Maizie) Owner- Robert Spillman, Handler- Dave Pomfret, Breed/Sex: Pointer/F.  Dakota pointed at 10 but didn’t stay steady and was up.  Maize pointed on the left at 16 but it was not productive.  By 40 her pace had slowed and her handler elected to pick her up.

30A: NFC FC Backwood’s Happy Hour (Luke) Owner- Judy Goldman/Lee Shoaf, Handler- Greg Dixon, Breed/Sex: Pointer/M.
30B: Rush Creek’s Rumor Has It (Adele) Owner- James & Jeanne Rowell, Handler- Jim Rowell, Breed/Sex: Vizsla/F.  At 9 Adele scored a good find.  Luke motored up the hill to the front and was out of view for a bit, he was found pointing at 11 on the left.  His birds were flushed with all in order.  Luke pointed game again at 23, showing good style; Adele backed.  At 48 they were standing side by side; both handlers attempted to flush but the work ended unproductive for each dog.  They were both forward in pattern for most of the hour.

31A: Sophie’s Red Buddy (Buddy) Owner- Eric Huff, Handler- Jim Winnen, Breed/Sex: Vizsla/M. 
31B: Sure Shot’s It’s A Jungle Out There, (Lindsey) Owner- Steven Kreuser/Bernee Brawn/Penny Ljungren, Handler- Dennis Hazel, Breed/Sex: GWP/F.  Lindsey notched a nice find at 8 on the right side of the course.  She pointed in the trees at 20 but it was not productive.  Buddy was absent at 20.  Lindsey’s second find was at 30, just to the right of the trail; she displayed good style and intensity.  She had another find at 42, all in order.  She hunted at close range and was predominantly forward.

32A: DC AFC Friedelsheim’s Freight Train Mason MH (Mason) Owner- Barry & Michelle Bollinger, Handler- Barry Bollinger, Breed/Sex: GSP/M.
32B: DC AFC Odyssey’s Perfect Traveler (Charlie) Owner- Charles Parietti, Handler- Jon Hann, Breed/Sex: GSP/M.  This brace was away at 8 am on a rainy morning.  Mason was running very well but was up by 12 with two non productives.  Charlie running nicely, was found standing on top of a hill, birds were flushed with all in order.  He crossed the road and reached way out to the orchard.  He successfully scored two more finds.  Charlie got into trouble with a rain drenched bird and was up before the hour.

33A: Wolf Plain Brooks Uptown Funk (Pippa) Owner- Dennis & Jennifer Hazel, Handler- Dennis Hazel, Breed/Sex GSP/F.
33B: GFC FC AFC Trinity’s High Plains Drifter (Shiner) Owner and Handler- Joe Vinsky, Breed/Sex English Setter/M.  This brace went out after a ninety minute delay for approaching thunderstorms that never arrived.  Shiner pointed at 8, Pippa honored; they both went with the flush.

34A: Hi-Tailyn Hakoda (Koda) Owner- Scott Bodenstab, Handler- Ray Dohse, Breed/Sex GSP/F.
34B: My Covert Operative (Pike) Owner- Elsa Gallagher, Handler- Jon Hann Breed/Sex Pointer/M.  Koda was scratched.  Pike scored a find at 7 that involved a lengthy relocation but ended successfully.  He had his next find at 18, all in order. Two more nice finds followed at 34 and 39.  He showed excellent manners on birds and did a good job overall but was not challenging the leaders; he was up at 48.

35A: NFC NGDC FC AFC Lundy’s Red Bull (Bull) Owner & Handler- Laura Miller, Breed/Sex: Vizsla/M.
35B: FC Higby Holiday (Gator) Owner- Judith Hamilton, Handler- Dave Pomfret Breed/Sex: English Setter/F.  Gator scored a nice find at 30 with all in order.  Bull was out of pocket and gone too long.

36A: FC Brophy’s Kingpin (James) Owner-Mary Pavelko & Greg Dixon, Handler- Greg Dixon, Breed/Sex: Irish Setter/M.
36B: FC AFC Erin’s Moody River (Jessie) Owner- Rae Thomas Handler- Ray Dohse, Breed/Sex: Pointer/F.  These two were not challenging the leaders and were up before the hour with no birds pointed.

Concluding Remarks

The running of the AKC Pointing Breed Gun Dog Championship for 2018 concluded today.  We wish to thank our sponsors for another great event!  Purina, SportDOGd and Dogs Unlimited contributed majorly to this event.  Purina gives financial aid to the Gun Dog Association which ensures that this event will endure.  They also provide dog food for the winners, samples for participants and promotional items for our raffle.  We cannot say often enough how much we appreciate their support.  We enjoyed having Purina’s Terry Trycinski visit with us and deliver a Purina goody bag for our raffle.  Please thank a Purina Rep, but more importantly, please buy Purina’s great product, Purina Pro Plan dog food!

Our next sponsor, SportDOG, awards its sought after collars to each placing dog in this Championship.  They are great units and are happily received by the winning handlers.  Next time you need a new tracking or training unit please patronize SportDOG!  We were honored to have their Rep, Josh Miller attend this trial and spend a few days riding and visiting.

Dogs Unlimited is an excellent dog equipment supply company that is owned and operated by pointing dog people Alan and Marcia Davison.  They contribute a $100 gift certificate to the Champion of this stake.  They also provided $15 Gift Certificates for each of our Best of Breed recipients and our raffle.  Please contact Dogs Unlimited next time you need dog equipment!

The event committee wishes to thank the Mingo Sportsman’s Club and its members for allowing us access to their grounds for the running of this Championship.  Member, Bill Monk bent over backwards to make things work for us; without his advice and physical help, this trial would not have been well run.  Bill served as course marshal until we were familiar with the route.  Mingo attempted to put in electrical outlets before our starting date but the Ohio winter was uncooperative and they fell short of their goal.  Even so we appreciate the effort.  The ability to use their clubhouse for catered meals, a pizza party sponsored by Jon & Jessica Hann of Perfection Kennels, and the Championship award ceremony was a lifesaver.  Everyday during the trial, breakfast and lunch were cooked and served in the pavilion at the field trial parking area by various Mingo club members.  This type of service takes a huge load off of an event committee.  We appreciate the efforts of the following Mingo Members: Allen Bickerstaff, Ian Monk, Cliff Mesnard, Wiley Monk, Jess Brown, Dave Moffett, Jim Still and Brian Biggo.

There are some hard working, dedicated people on the event committee.  A special thanks goes to fellow AKC Field Rep, Tom Maneely.  Tom cheerfully stepped up to the plate when news of my broken ankle reached him.  Tom served as judge marshal and collected notes for me to write up the daily running.  This put him in the saddle all day, everyday, regardless of the weather.

AKC Rep, Gary Sadler put in long hours each day, catching, then planting the majority of the birds.  Additionally, Gary catered to Judge Smith’s needs, keeping him in propane, gasoline and horse hay.  Gary is always eager to assist anyone who needs a hand.  Gary was aided in planting by Jamie O’Donnell and Jim Rowell.  Jim was a blessing; he supplied his side-by-side ATV for bird planting and/or dog wagon for the duration of the stake.  He drove it most of the time but was replaced on occasion by Jamie O’Donnell and Doug Ljungren.  The Performance Events Director, Caroline Murphy attended for two days and observed from the dog wagon.

Trish James is the most important person on the committee, she handles the paperwork from event application to filing results.  She takes entries, conducts the drawing and a myraid of behind the scenes tasks, all the while keeping a bright and bubbly attitude.  We really appreciate her devotion to the sport.

Our thanks go out to our Wrangler crew, Meredith Mays and Cliff Mesnard.  A wrangler’s job is tough and tiring.  They put in long hours caring for the horses and saddling them early in the morning so that the running can commence promptly at 8.  We appreciate your horses and your labor.

We were very fortunate to have two well-known and nationally respected judges to officiate this Championship.  William Smith hails from Moscow, TN.  A retired railroad man, he formerly ran pointers in field trials.  In more recent years William has judged many Championships for both AKC and American Field.  He is the reporter for the National Championship which runs at Ames Plantation, Grand Junction, TN each February.  Chris Rider is a resident of Pennsylvania.  He actively field trialed with Brittanys for many years and still has some that he works.  Chris has judged most of the AKC breed club’s National Championships. He, like William, bring a wealth of knowledge to the judicial team.  We thank these gentlemen for being dedicated enough to watch the 69 dogs perform under a plethora of weather conditions and still maintain a sense of humor.

Gallery-in-the-snow1 Group-2018-AKC-Gun-Dog-coverage Group-on-Horses-2018-AKC-Gun-Dog-coverage In-the-snow-2-2018-AKC-Gun-Dog-coverage In-the-snow-3-2018-AKC-Gun-Dog-coverage Vizsla-pointing-in-the-snow-2018-AKC-Gun-Dog-coverage Waiting-in-Vehicle-2018-AKC-Gun-Dog-coverage Woods-2018-AKC-Gun-Dog-coverage

This stake had an entry of 72 dogs which was reduced to 69 by scratches. There were representatives from 8 different breeds of pointing dogs.


Congratulations to our Best of Breed Recipients:



FC AFC Nothin But Trouble

Owned by Jim and Drew Carter

Handled by Jim Carter


-English Setter

FC Higby Holiday

Owned by Judith Hamilton

Handled by Dave Pomfret.


-German Shorthaired Pointer

FC AFC Riden High Rudy

Owned by Ray Nelson

Handled by Dan DiMambro.


-German Wirehaired Pointer-

Sure Shot’s It’s A Jungle Out There

Owned by Steve Krieser, Bernee Brawn & Penny Ljungren

Handled by Dennis Hazel


-Irish Setter-

NAFC FC Hey Lincoln Watch That Tail

Owned and Handled by Mark Smith



FC Glassilaun War Paint

Owned by Jamie Nee

Handled by Toby Tobiassen



FC AFC VK’s Twenty Gauge Gunnar

Owned by Robyn & Sherwin Van Kooten

Handled by Sean Van Kooten.



NFC/NAFC/FC Westweim’s Get Yer Gun Ms. Oakley

Owned by Cydney Hansen & Frank Sommer

Handled by Diane Vater




Championship Winners:


4th Place

Hi-N’s Bodacious Bo, GSP M

Owned by Hank Lewis and Dan DiMambro,

Handled by Hank Lewis


3rd Place

FC Jackson Brown Wagoners Lightening SH CGC, GSP M

Owned by Lee Wagoner

Handled by Dan DiMambro.


2nd Place

FC AFC VK’s Twenty Guage Gunnar, Vizsla M

owned by Robyn & Sherwin Van Kooten

Handled by Sean Van Kooten


And the winner is!

2018 Champion AKC Pointing Breed Gun Dog

NGDC FC AFC Riden High Rudy

GSP/M “Rudy”

Owned by Ray Nelson

Handled by Dan DiMambro


Congratulations to all on jobs well done!

Sending a huge shout out to all who participated, your good sportsmanship and friendly demeanor at this trial are much appreciated by the Field Trial Committee!


-Bonnie Hidalgo, Chair,

2018 AKC Pointing Breed Gun Dog Championship

Field Trial Committee

2018 Walking Gun Dog Championship Trial Coverage:

Stay Tuned!

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