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  • American Rottweiler Club Scholarship +

    Qualifications for Eligibility

    The American Rottweiler Club, Inc. offers the Kalyn Rae Bastyr Memorial Scholarship in the amount of $1,000 each year in which the ARC Junior Scholarship Committee determines there is a qualified and deserving applicant.  The deadline for the 2017 Scholarship is April 15, 2017.  The winner will be announced in June.

    The application for the scholarship will include an essay, school transcripts, questionnaire, as well as financial disclosure of need of the applicant and proof of participation in AKC events with a Rottweiler (Junior Showmanship (conformation), obedience, agility, tracking, herding, rally, coursing, etc.) or Parent Club Titling or other AKC recognized Title Programs or ARC Carting or ARC Sieger Junior Showmanship or any combination of events.  (The term “performance events” throughout this document refers to AKC Companion and Performance events and ARC Carting.)

    The scholarship criteria shall be as follows:

    1. applicant must be between the ages of 16 and 21.
    2. applicant must document plans to attend, or provide proof of attending, an institute of higher education of at least a 6 month formal program.
    3. applicant’s financial need.
    4. applicant’s academic achievement and potential.
    5. applicant must evidence interest and participation in showing Rottweilers by any of the following:
      • competing in at least 5 AKC Junior Showmanship competitions with a Rottweiler(s) within a 2 year period.
      • competing in at least 5 AKC/ARC dog shows within a 2 year period showing a Rottweiler(s).   This can be 5 events in 1 venue or any combination of Junior Showmanship or performance events.
    6. applicant must document participation in a manner which can be confirmed with AKC or ARC records.
    7. applicant should include information on additional activities with a Rottweiler i.e. regional club, therapy, rescue, education, etc.  This information will be used in deliberation process but is not a requirement to qualify for the award.
    8. applicant must submit an essay describing his/her experience with, and interest in Rottweilers and plans for future involvement with the breed.  (Previous recipients see 10.)
    9. applicant must apply on an official ARC application form which may be obtained thru the ARC Junior Scholarship or Showmanship Committees, downloaded from the ARC website, or from the ARC Policies & Procedures Chairperson.
    10. this scholarship may be awarded more than once to an individual, although preference will always be given to someone who has not already received one.  A Junior may be awarded a Scholarship no more than 2 times.
    11. Previous recipients, in lieu of essay (See 8.), must provide an update on what they have done and future plans both with Rottweilers and with the scholarship money.
    12. if awarded the funds must be used within 3 years of award; e.g. scholarship awarded in June 2015, funds must be used no later than the Spring Semester 2018.
    13.  Scholarship money will be paid directly to the higher education facility.
    14. Deadline for applications is April 15th of each calendar year; applicants shall be notified of the Committee’s decision no later than June 15th.
    15. all personal application information will remain confidential.

    A picture of the recipient with his/her Rottweiler, along with the application essay, will be printed in the ARK and on the ARC web site.  Other applicants’ essays may be printed if space permits.

    For more information  click here or by contacting:  Joe Bastyr at OR Lew Olson at

  • Michigan Sporting Dog Association / Ann Arbor KC +

    The Michigan Sporting Dog Association and Ann Arbor Kennel Club are hosting our 2nd Annual Junior University Thursday July 5, 2018 prior to the weekend cluster.  We also will be giving a $500.00 Sharon Schafer Junior Showmanship Scholarship to the Best Junior in Cluster.


    Chair of Junior University

    Member of Michigan Sporting Dog Associaiton