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Judges’ Eligibility

Judges’ Eligibility

Beagle Field Trials – Judges’ Eligibility
Current Requirements
(Two Couple Pack Judges must meet the same requirements as Field Trial Judges)

Prior to Judging
Minimum Age: 18

Regular Seminar: Yes (Note – new judges must attend the “Regular” Beagle Seminar)

Written Test: Yes – score 70%+

Exception to Seminar/Test: For Large Pack trials, judges do not have to attend a seminar or pass a test if they have attended an Association Judges Training Program.

Apprenticeship: No requirement

Handling Experience: No requirement

To Maintain Ability to Judge
Seminar: None

Written Test: None

Frequency of Judging: No on-going requirement

Judges Panel Qualifications

Previous Judging Experience: The proposed Judges must have a combined experience of having judged at a minimum of 10 licensed or member Beagle Field Trials.

Note: Anyone qualified to judge Beagle events are automatically approved to judge Dachshund and Basset Field Trials.

How to Host a Seminar:

To request a seminar, a club must begin by completing the online seminar request form.  Once a workable date is coordinated with a host field rep, your seminar will be advertised and materials will be sent. For more information contact Performance Judges 919-816-3904 or

View Current Seminars:

To view current seminar listings, please check here. If you do not see the sport you need in the drop down, that is because there are currently no seminars of that type booked.