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First Endurance Earthdog 2 Title

By Ken and Bette Nelson

The first dog to qualify for the new EE title was a Border Terrier so it may come as no surprise that the first dog to qualify for an EE2 is also a Border Terrier. CH No Autographs Please ME, EE2, AX, AXJ, RN, CGC is our “Tiger”. He earned his conformation Championship easily, but the same can’t be said for his Agility titles. He often chooses to make up his own course as he goes along.

Tiger’s first love is Earthdog where he has excelled. As a puppy, he was game for the tunnels but thought the goal was to kiss the rats. As his prey drive developed, he moved quickly through Junior, Senior and Master level tests. After he earned his ME, we continued taking him to trials because he loved it so. Doing Master and Senior runs within minutes of each other doesn’t begin to exhaust Tiger’s enthusiasm so Endurance Earthdog has been right up his alley. He qualified for the title with 5 consecutive Double Q’s.

This summer, he will be working in Rally and Obedience with plans to return to Earthdog trials in the fall. Tiger is owned by Ken and Bette Nelson who both show him in Earthdog, while Ken does the Agility and Obedience work.

We began in purebred dogs with Saint Bernards in the 1960s. Downsizing over the years, we have settled on this fine breed of game little terriers that work so well on the couch as well as in the field.