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Dear Performance Events:

I have been doing both AKC and ASFA lure coursing for a number of years, with several sighthound breeds. But my husband and I have also run non-sanctioned lure coursing fun days at our farm for as many years as well. We initially confined them to the sighthound breeds but started allowing neighbors, friends, and people who had other dogs besides their sighthounds to run their dogs before or after the “real” lure coursing. Then we started just inviting anyone who wanted to try coursing. We now have as many non-sighthound attendees as we do the “real” lure coursers. And these people have such a WONDERFUL time with their dogs! It has also helped me to encourage people to get their dogs in shape and get them out exercising so that they can do this safely. We make it a 350 – 400-yard course with easy turns, and we also allow folks to just run short straight-aways of what ever length they want if the dogs are puppies or not in shape. Some of the strangest breeds have turned out to be phenomenal coursers. We have had such breeds as corgis, Stafford shires, cocker spaniels, border collies, and even a Chinese Crested — all chasing that bunny like a true sighthound. And they absolutely love it!

When I heard about the CAT tests I was thrilled to see that the AKC was introducing them. They are another great way for people to bond with their dogs and have a wonderful time. Thank you for introducing them! I agree that all AKC lure coursing clubs should try to have at least one CAT test a year. As one lure courser responded to a rather vocal complaint on one of the lists about allowing other non-sighthounds to course, “If a boxer can out- course your sighthound, looks like you’ve got an issue with your sighthound’s breeding, not the boxer.”