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Coursing Ability Test (CAT)

Coursing Ability Test (CAT)

Chinese Shar Pei running in a Coursing Ability Test.
©Leah Caracino
Norfolk Terrier running in a Coursing Ability Test.
Border Terrier running in a Coursing Ability Test.
Cane Corse running in a Coursing Ability Test.
Swedish Vallhund running in a Coursing Ability Test.

Actions to help AKC CAT and Fast CAT Clubs Impacted by COVID19  

The AKC Performance Events Department has been processing numerous event cancellations as the COVID19 virus continues to spread throughout the country. Clubs  and participants are  encouraged to view the AKC Performance Events Cancellation Listing page to see which events have been cancelled.

To  ease some burdens or bring clarity to now commonly experienced situations during these troubling times, CAT and Fast CAT clubs should be aware of the following: 

  • Clubs are reminded to inform the Performance Events Department if they have to cancel their event by calling: 919-816-3908 or sending  an email to:
  • Any club that  notifies the Performance Events Department that  their event  is  cancelled  due to the COVID19 virus will automatically retain their corresponding date for 2021 unless  the  club asks the Performance Events Department otherwise. This has been implemented since COVID19 cancellations  were  first  received.
  • AKC Event  Application fees that were paid for  a  cancelled event will be credited towards the club’s next event of the same type  provided  the club has notified the AKC Performance Events Department by calling 919-816-3908 or  emailing
  • All late fees for event applications will be waived through October 31, 2020 in order to provide clubs flexibility in scheduling their events.
  • A cancelled event will not count against the  total  number of events  allowed  per year.
  • Clubs at their option can now send  copies of  their results including their Secretary Report in PDF format via email to: Clubs will then be contacted to confirm receipt and handle their event service fees by phone.
  • Information regarding the government stimulus package, referred to as the Federal CARES (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security) Act has been posted to the Government Relations webpage.

The  AKC  Performance Events Department  wants to assist clubs as much as possible during these unprecedented times. Please feel free to reach Performance Events  at  919-816-3908 or  for any questions you may have.  We hope you and your club members stay well and keep safe.

Want an easy, low-stress way to get involved in the world of dog sports? Start with a Coursing Ability Test (CAT) because it is designed specifically for newcomers.

The first thing to know about the CAT is that – as with all of our tests – dogs do not compete against each other (as opposed to Field Trials where winners are chosen). Each dog runs individually and chases after an artificial lure on either a 300- or 600-yard long course. Your dog must finish in less than 1 ½ minutes and 2 minutes, respectively. Because the course is for beginners, it is set up with safety in mind, as we recognize that many of the dogs are new to the sport and might not possess the agility of an experienced sighthound.

Don’t worry about being judged: Dogs only earn a pass/fail, and the maximum time is not meant to be difficult to achieve. But yes, your dog will need to run, not walk, to earn a passing grade. But even if he doesn’t do his best, don’t worry! Think of it as just a fun day out for both of you to meet other dogs and dog lovers.