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Coursing Ability Test (CAT)

E-Results Template

In order to make the result submission process easier and faster, the Performance Events Department will soon offer a CAT E-Results Template.  This template will allow your club’s results to be loaded automatically and applied instantly to the win records of qualified dogs.

By using the CAT E-Results Template, clubs have the advantage of knowing results have been received by AKC and recorded.  The use of this template will help minimize errors, minimize correction research, create better quality control and reduce wait times.

We also now have a Secretary Report available strictly for CAT. This report will be accessible when using the CAT E-Results Template or using the link directly to the Secretary Report for CAT.

We encourage CAT clubs to soon take advantage of this new way to send results. The new CAT E-Results Template will be published here and all clubs will be notified when it does.



If you have any questions, please contact the AKC Performance Events Department 919-816-3908 or email us at: