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AKC Show Secretaries

Show Secretaries – Full Service or Onsite

Show Secretaries have serviced clubs since dog shows began, often a member of a club with the skills and knowledge to manage the event. Show Secretaries may manage an entire event from the publishing of the premium list to submitting the close out report to the AKC, this show secretary is referred to as a full-service show secretary. A common practice which has been expanded on is the role of onsite show secretary where a club contracts with a superintendent as a package show and a show secretary to manage the event onsite. For both show secretary roles it is important to have a signed agreement/contract outlining all expectations to avoid any duties/equipment not getting accomplished.

Show secretaries most have knowledge and access to the rules for all sports they are managing:

Full-Service Show Secretaries

Full-service show secretaries may offer the same services as a superintendent regarding the production of the official documents needed to run a show:

  • Premium List
  • Judging program
  • Catalog

They collaborate closely with the club to ensure the accuracy of the documents and the deadlines as outlined in AKC’s rules, policies, and regulations.

Full-service show secretaries receive and manage entries to ensure each entry is time stamped upon receipt and the entry contains the required information per Chapter 11 of the Rules Applying to Dog Shows. Notifications are sent to each entrant acknowledging receipt and advising the entry’s status. The show secretary uses the entries to develop the judging program, catalog, and judges books.

Full-service show secretaries can also collaborate with the club to produce ribbons, badges for the committee, stewards, armbands, etc.

By rule an individual is allowed to be a full-service show secretary to an unlimited number of specialty clubs but only one all-breed or group club and any all-breed or group club on the same day.

Onsite Show Secretaries

(The role of the onsite show secretary and full-service show secretary are the same at the show.)

Onsite show secretary is a sub-category of a show secretary. The term onsite show secretaries are associated to the AKC rule allowing approved show secretaries to work additional shows in an onsite capacity. These shows pre-event work is managed by a licensed superintendent. The superintendent ships all the necessary documentation for the show to the onsite show secretary prior to the start of the event.

By rule an individual may be approved to function as an onsite show secretary for up to 18 all-breed or group shows in a calendar year.

Day of the show

Show secretaries managing the day of event responsibilities must have all submitted entry forms onsite for the events they are responsible for. If a package show the superintendents includes these in the package shipped to the show secretary. Entries should be arranged to provide easy access when questions arise. The show secretary onsite is responsible for managing any changes in entries allowable on the day.

Additionally, onsite show secretaries must have access to printable/printed versions of all required documents as listed in the AKC Show Manual:


Show Secretaries are responsible for submitting results to the AKC from the shows they work.

Clubs should keep in mind that they are responsible for the materials required at an event. When a club contracts with a superintendent, Show Secretary or Onsite Show Secretary/superintendent combination the responsibility for needed materials should be outlined in the agreement. The club should be prepared to supply any materials not provided in these agreements.