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How to Complete an AKC Dog Show Entry Form

How to Complete an AKC Dog Show Entry Form

If you’re planning to enter a conformation dog show, you’ll need to register in advance. Typically, entries must be received by the superintendent or show secretary approximately two and a half weeks prior to the event date. Use the AKC Event Search to find upcoming events.

An AKC dog show entry form can be found in a show’s premium list, which contains all the information about the event, including judges panel, classes offered and entry fees. You can fill out a blank AKC dog show entry form too. Shows can be entered by mailing the printed form or online on the dog show superintendent’s website.

Here is a short overview to help you fill out your first AKC entry form for a dog show. Just select the tooltip in each section and the pop-up will tell you all you need to know to correctly enter the required information.

Front of AKC Dog Show Entry Form  (See Back of Form)

Additional Tips

  • An AKC dog show entry form is for one dog only. If you plan to enter more than one dog, you will need to submit a complete entry for each dog.
  • If your dog’s breed has a Variety, review the full list of breeds with varieties to ensure you’ve entered the correct information in that section.
  • Most of the dog information you need to complete an entry form can be found on your dog’s AKC registration certificateRegistration Certificate
  • If you do not have an AKC Junior Handler Number, contact the AKC at 919-233-9767 or to obtain one.

Submitting Your Entry

Review all your information entered to ensure it is correct before submitting your AKC dog show entry form. If using the print form, remember to enter the total entry fee for the classes you are entering and write your breed and name of show entered on your check.

Don’t forget that your entry must be received by the superintendent or show secretary or submitted online by the specified closing date and time on the premium list. You will receive your show information and judging program from the superintendent approximately a week before the event.

More information about showing in conformation dog shows can be found in Exhibitor Resources, including how to count points and the road to best in show.