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AKC Registered Handlers

What’s in the Program?


  • Public recognition for those handlers enrolled in the AKC
  • Registered Handlers Program, which shows they are committed to abide by the published high standards of dog care and business practices
  • Contact information listed on AKC website handler directory
  • Direct incoming calls from owners seeking handlers to AKC Registered Handlers
  • Publication in AKC Gazette and on AKC lists
  • Separate designation in show catalogs for AKC Registered Handlers
  • The pride of knowing you are helping to educate and set examples for newcomers to the sport and to the profession
  • AKC is educating the dog show public about what to look for in a true professional handler
  • Apprenticeship program to provide additional credit for those who apprentice with AKC Registered handlers
  • $10,000 Life Insurance Benefit ($6,500 for age 65 and older)
  • 10% product discount from Cherrybrook
  • 10% product discount from Harry O


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