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AKC Puppy Pack

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Meet the Breeds

Meet our new pack members, the class of 2021! These puppies are growing quickly, and can’t wait to step into the world as young adults when they graduate. Get to know this year’s pack. You won’t want to miss out on these stellar pups.

What's the AKC Puppy Pack?

The AKC Puppy Pack highlights a new group of puppies each year to spread awareness of the many breeds recognized by the AKC, all the while providing a behind the scenes look into the process of raising a puppy. In fact, many of the puppies featured are purpose-bred. For the next year, we’ll be following the journeys of our pack members as they attend vet visits, learn how to be good citizens in their communities and begin training in areas like conformation, dog sports, explosive detection, and service. This path culminates in their graduation from the Puppy Pack at age one.