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AKC Meet the Breeds 2024

Frequently Asked Questions

Westminster Meet & Compete Bedlington Terrier
Some breeds are a little shy, but not this Bedlington Terrier. He cuddles up with his owner and is not shy about having his photo taken at last year’s event.
Otterhound at AKC Meet the Breeds
The Otterhound is known for their dense, shaggy coat, webbed feet, acute sense of smell, and affinity for swimming.
Peruvian Inca Orchid
David Woo / American Kennel Club
Cardigan Welsh Corgi at AKC Meet the Breeds
The Cardigan Welsh Corgi's makeup is perfectly suited to moving cattle, and yet it is so congenial and sweet-faced that it would be a cherished companion even if it never did a day’s work.
The Pug booth at AKC Meet the Breeds, Meet and Compete 2019, New York, NY.
David Woo / American Kennel Club
The Pug booth at AKC Meet the Breeds, Meet and Compete 2019, New York, NY.
Hundreds of dedicated breed club volunteers made the 11th Annual AKC Meet the Breeds possible. Here, a Belgian Tervuren owner shows off her dog's affection to Meet the Breeds attendees.
David Woo/American Kennel Club
The Whippet booth at AKC Meet the Breeds, Meet and Compete 2019, New York, NY.
David Woo / American Kennel Club
The Whippet booth at AKC Meet the Breeds, Meet and Compete 2019, New York, NY.
The Chow Chow, an all-purpose dog of ancient China, presents the picture of a muscular, deep-chested aristocrat with an air of inscrutable timelessness.
Akita at AKC Meet the Breeds
Akitas are muscular, double-coated dogs of ancient Japanese lineage famous for their dignity, courage, and loyalty.
Schipperke at AKC Meet the Breeds
Curious, lively, and intense but mischievous, the Schipperke is a robust, long-lived companion for whom there is never a dull moment.
Ibizan Hound Meet the Breeds
This fair-furred Ibizan Hound is out to steal hearts.
The Bichon Frise booth at AKC Meet the Breeds, Meet and Compete 2019, New York, NY.
David Woo / American Kennel Club
The Bichon Frise booth at AKC Meet the Breeds, Meet and Compete 2019, New York, NY.

We’d like to answer as many of your questions as we can before you attend, exhibit, or volunteer at AKC Meet the Breeds events! Whether you’re coming as an attendee or participating as a volunteer, please find our most Frequently Asked Questions to help you get the information you need.

I’m Attending AKC Meet the Breeds:

  • When is AKC Meet the Breeds happening in 2024? +

    AKC Meet the Breeds visited New York, Chicago, and Columbus in 2023, and will visit New York again in January 2024. Cities, dates, show times, and venues are subject to change.

  • What dog breeds will be at the event? +

    We will do our best to provide an updated list of breeds attending each AKC Meet the Breeds event. These dogs and their handlers are volunteering their time to educate the public on responsible dog ownership. Please note, all breeds subject to change without notice.

  • What health and safety protocols will be in place? +

    All local and federal health and safety protocols in effect at the time of the event will be followed at AKC Meet the Breeds.

  • Where do I buy tickets for AKC Meet the Breeds? +

    You can buy tickets for AKC Meet the Breeds online, or purchase them at the door. Tickets will be available through soon.

  • How much do tickets cost? +

    Ticket prices for AKC Meet the Breeds events will vary by location. All AKC Meet the Breeds ticket options are available to purchase online or at the door.

  • What do I get with a VIP ticket? +

    A limited number of VIP ticket holders can have an enhanced experience at specific AKC Meet the Breeds events where a VIP ticketing option is available.

    VIP Experience (Adult)

    • VIP Badge
    • VIP Priority Seating at Demo Ring
    • Lunch Voucher
    • 10% Discount at MTB Store
    • Gift Bag
    • Free Coat Check

    VIP experience subject to change.

    All AKC Meet the Breeds ticket options are available to purchase online or at the door.

  • Is one ticket valid for both days when an event is taking place over two days? Do I need to buy a ticket for each day? +

    Each ticket is valid for one specific day of the event, and this date will be displayed on the ticket. If you would like to attend more than one day of a two-day event, you will need to purchase a ticket for each day you’d like to attend. If you are only attending one day, be sure to purchase the ticket for the specific date you would like to attend.

  • Can I bring my own dog to the event? +

    No, pet dogs (or any other pet animals) are not allowed at AKC Meet the Breeds events. Only dogs exhibiting in a breed booth or participating in demonstrations are allowed to attend AKC Meet the Breeds. Service animals are permitted at the venue in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

  • How do I get there? Is there parking available? +

    You will have lots of options for getting to AKC Meet the Breeds events by car, public transportation, taxi, ride sharing, or even bike sharing. If you’re driving your own vehicle, parking options for each venue will depend on each venue’s rules and availability. More information on parking will be available directly from each venue.

  • Are the dogs at the event for sale or rescue? +

    As exciting as it may be to meet and greet the dogs, please know that the animals at AKC Meet the Breeds events are beloved companions who aren’t for sale or for rescue.

    We encourage you to talk with the volunteers at each breed booth to learn more about each breed so that you can decide which breeds may be a good fit for your family and lifestyle. Volunteers may offer referrals based on what you’re looking for.

    If you decide you want to acquire a dog after the event is over, we encourage you to visit AKC Marketplace, the breed’s parent club website, or AKC Rescue Network.

  • Is the event kid-friendly? +

    YES! Dog shows of every kind are a fun and educational activity for the entire family. AKC Meet the Breeds is specially designed to be kid- and family-friendly, helping people of every age learn about responsible dog ownership and the incredible world of purpose-bred dogs!

  • What else can you do at the event? +

    AKC Meet the Breeds is held at huge event venues full of dog breed booths with dogs of each attending breed to meet and greet, but it will be filled with even more canine fun, including:

    • Demo Ring featuring dog sports, K-9, and other canine activity demonstrations
    • Vendors offering gear, gifts, and more
    • Kids’ Zone featuring activities like games, photo opportunities, and a chance to try out an agility course just like the dogs do (it’s not as easy as you think)! Come make some new memories and test your own agility skills.

    All demo ring activities and presentations subject to change.

  • I want to reserve vendor space or partner with the event in another way. Who can I talk to? +

    We’re thrilled that you’d like to be a part of AKC Meet the Breeds. Email for more information on vendor opportunities.

I’m Exhibiting/Volunteering at AKC Meet the Breeds:

You may download a copy of these Exhibitor FAQs for your convenience.

  • What are the AKC Meet the Breeds® dates and event hours? +

    AKC Meet the Breeds New York will take place Saturday, January 27 and Sunday, January 28, 2024 at the  Jacob K. Javits Convention Center. Tickets for AKC Meet the Breeds New York for the general public will be on sale soon.

  • What does AKC provide for the breed booths? +

    • Custom printed breed backdrops
    • Black colored booth drape and tablecloth
    • 10×20 Standard Breed Booth Size [2 8ft tables and 4 folding chairs]
    • 10×30 *Select Breed Booth Size [3 8ft tables and 6 folding chairs]
    • Individual breed booths will not have electric.

  • Can exhibitors/volunteers bring booth decorations? +

    Educational materials, display items for your tables or those that are contained within your booth and costumes are welcome. Easels or pull up banners are permitted, however do not hang anything from the booth backdrop.

  • What is the recommended number for adult dogs and/or puppies in attendance? +

    Both ages of dogs are encouraged to participate. We recommend at least four adults and two puppies. Only puppies over four months of age are permitted. If possible, we suggest rotating the puppies/dogs that are in attendance due to the length of the event.

    • All dogs participating must have proof of current vaccinations
    • Dog restraint collars or training equipment such as prong collars, e-collars, and gentle leaders are not permitted.

  • What amenities are provided for exhibitors/volunteers? +

    • Eight exhibitor e-tickets per day per booth
    • Five lunch vouchers per day per booth (picked up onsite)
    • Exhibitor Lounge with complimentary beverages AM/PM
    • A Chicago Exhibitor Guide will be supplied that will include all the event logistics: Move in/out, parking, check-in, hotels, forms, etc.
    • Prepaid Parking available and recommended: Chicago McCormick Place Parking
    • Move In/Move Out – Temporary parking passes will be issued. You will be allowed to wheel in your dogs in crates with your own dollies. Event Staff will be at the loading dock area to assist exhibitors.

  • What exhibitor expenses are reimbursed? +

    AKC will reimburse you for expenses incurred by the Club and Volunteers. Such examples are gas, parking, hotel, and booth supplies. Checks will be mailed to the indicated recipient after the event (typically the Booth Coordinator or Parent Club Treasurer). Please allow one month for check processing/mailing via USPS.

    The reimbursement amount is based on the number of dogs attending for the duration of the event. Exhibitors/volunteers provide dog count at check-in each day.

    • $300 per day will be paid for breed booths with up to 4 dogs present
    • $500 per day will be for 5+ dogs present