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From Affenpinschers to Yorkshire Terriers and everything in between! AKC Meet the Breeds® is going nationwide in 2022, giving dog lovers a unique opportunity to meet, play with, and learn about hundreds of dogs! All cities and dates tentative and subject to change. AKC Meet the Breeds events will comply with all local and federal health and safety requirements in effect at the time of the event.

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New to this fun and family-friendly event? See highlights of what you've been missing!

No-shed dogs what you need? Learn why purebreds like the Lagotto Romagnolo, Portuguese Water Dog, Poodle, and more could be exactly what you're looking for.
David Woo/American Kennel Club
Thinking of a terrier? Norwich Terriers are plucky little earthdogs who embody the old cliché “a big dog in a small package."
David Woo/American Kennel Club
Want a selfie with a snoozy Bulldog? These docile, loyal companions won't mind one bit. It's no wonder they're one of America's most popular breeds.
David Woo/American Kennel Club
Among the most beautiful (and boopable) of all dogs, the Borzoi is cherished for a calm, agreeable temperament.
David Woo/American Kennel Club
Getting kids ready for owning a dog? They can learn all about responsible dog ownership as they meet dogs of different breeds.
David Woo/American Kennel Club
Want a running buddy? The dignified Dalmatian is famed for a spotted coat, but these "coach dogs" have run alongside nobles, travelers, and firefighters.
David Woo/American Kennel Club
Need a Cocker Spaniel plushie, or a Cavalier King Charles mug? We've got that (and lots more) at AKC Meet the Breeds.
David Woo/American Kennel Club
Ready to be amazed? A NYPD German Shepherd Dog demonstrates detection work in the AKC Meet the Breeds demo ring.
David Woo/American Kennel Club
Seeking a Schnauzer? The bold, bewhiskered Standard Schnauzer is the high-spirited medium-sized member of the family.
David Woo/American Kennel Club
"Placid, affectionate, even-tempered, true-blue, loyal" All words used to describe the Sussex Spaniel, one of the first nine breeds recognized by AKC.
David Woo/American Kennel Club

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