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The AKC Agility League recently concluded its fifth season of competition and honored its top teams and competitors. Team champions were named in each of the eight divisions.

The AKC Agility League is sponsored by Purina Pro Plan, YuMove and AKC Pet Insurance.

The League offers three 12-week long seasons a year. Teams, composed of three to eight dogs, run six courses each season. There are three field/ring size divisions: Extended (100 X 100 min.); Regulation (70 X 100 min.); and Limited (50 X 70 min.). And there are four skill levels: Ph.D. (international); Senior (Masters/Excellent); Sophomore (Open); and Freshman (Novice).

This season’s team champions are:

Extended Ph.D. – Foliage Frolic – The team captain is Tatjana Salcedo, and the team runs at Howling Dog Farm in Burlington, Vermont. Team members are:

  • Tatjana Salcedo & Border Collie, Hob Nob Twist and Shout AX MXJ MJB MXF T2B FCAT
  • John Green & Border Collie, Hob Nob Simply Outrageous OA AXJ XF
  • John Green & Border Collie, MACH2 PACH Hob Nob Swirling Flame MXS MJS MXPB MJPB PAX MXF MFP T2B2

Regulation Ph.D. – Redneck Girls – The team captain is Gloria Krueger, and the team runs at The Canine Athlete in New Market, Alabama. Team members are:

  • Gloria Krueger & Border Collie, MACH Bram Stoker’s All That Fizzles MXB MJS XF
  • Gloria Krueger & Border Collie, Barkham Asylum’s Crazy Horse AX AXJ
  • Jamie Lyle & Border Collie, Mfr Likearock MX MXB PAD MXJ MJS PJD MFB T2B2
  • Gloria Krueger & Border Collie, Cordova Mall MX MXJ OF T2B ACT1 CGC TKA

Regulation Senior – The Breakfast Club – The team captain is Nikki Hall, and the team runs at Their Place in Morgantown, West Virginia. Team members are:

  • Tracy Horn & Border Collie, Cedar Fibonacci Playin the Market MX MXB MXJ MJB MFB T2B BCAT
  • Deborah DuBois & Border Collie, Cedar I Did It My Way Frankie RN MX MXB MXJ MJB MFG T2B2 TKI
  • Elizabeth James & Border Collie, Grand Oakes Sweet Stars Shine OA NAJ XF
  • Elizabeth James & Belgian Sheepdog, MACH2 Black Gold Cool Change MXS PAD MJS PJS MXP MFS TQX MFP T2B2
  • Nikki Hall & Border Collie, Cedar Jury of Your Peers MX MXB MXJ MJB MFB T2B BCAT
  • Nikki Hall & Border Collie, AGCH MACH3 Cedar Shiver Me Timbers MXC PAD MJG PJS MXP MJP2 MFC TQX T2B4 BCAT CGC TKA
  • Greta Noffsker & Border Collie, Ch. MACH Stonesriver’s Life of the Party MXB MJS MFB CGCA
  • Tracy Horn & Border Collie, MACH PACH2 Lay Off My Blue Suede Shoes “Elvis” MXB MJB MXF7 MXPG MJP9 MJPG PAX2 MXF MFP T2B

Regulation Sophomore – Ex-Quse Me! We’re Trying – The team captain is Nikki Hall, and the team runs at Their Place in Morgantown, West Virginia. Team members are:

  • Tracy Horn & All American Dog, Quicksilver’s Chchch Changes NAJ XF DCAT
  • Debra Williams & Border Collie, Out Run’s My Heart Will Go On BN RN NA NAJ NF OFP TKN
  • Jackie Kane & Border Collie, Cedar Runnin Against the Wind CD BN RE OA NAJ XF BCAT CGC ATT
  • Sharon Gomber & Polish Lowland Sheepdog, Lady Kensley of Starpons RN NAP
  • Carolyn Lathrop & Border Collie, Jailbreak’s On the Lamb CD OA OAJ XF
  • Sayward Kemp & Border Collie, My Angel Boy

Regulation Freshman – SAC of Wild Oats – The team captain is Kayla Murfin, and the team runs at the Spokane Agility Club in Spokane, Washington. Team members are:

  • Kelly Serna & All American Dog, Aurora-Serna
  • Sheela Standley & Labrador Retriever, Woods Double Dark Dove
  • Kate Samuelson & Border Collie, Mvr Midnight in Kona NJP OF CGC TKN

Limited Senior – The Wild Ones! – The team captain is Debbie Tabor, and the team runs at the German Shepherd Dog Training Club of Chicago in Hanover Park, Illinois. Team members are:

  • Debbie Tabor & Shetland Sheepdog, Starfall’s Highway to the Danger Zone MX MXJ
  • Debbie Tabor & Shetland Sheepdog, Starfall’s Girl Gone Wild
  • Debbie Tabor & Shetland Sheepdog, MACH Starfall’s Girl on Fire MXS MJS
  • Audri Tarr & All American Dog, West Suburban’s Calypso Music NA CGC TKA
  • Debbie Tabor & Shetland Sheepdog, MACH Starfall’s Walk on the Wild Side MXS MJG BCAT SCN

Limited Sophomore – AFDT’s Pizza the Action – The team captain is Marilyn Paker, and the team runs at All Fours Dog Training in Chicago, Illinois. Team members are:

  • Ashley Libasci & Airedale Terrier, Connemara’s Weaving Like the Wind RN NA NAJ OAP NF CGC TKN
  • Matthew DeSpirt & French Bulldog, Eloise DeSpirt
  • Constance White & Airedale Terrier, Connemara’s Bodacious Conjuerer RN NA OAJ OF TKN
  • Laura Tom & Australian Shepherd, Thornapple Far Beyond the Stars OA OAJ XF CGC
  • Ana Soskic & Dalmatian, Windy City Spots NA OAJ NF ACT2 CGC TKI
  • Carol Glassroth & All American Dog, The Stormin’ Norman ACT2

Limited Freshman – Bar Hopping Beaches –The team captain is Lauren Brockway, and the team runs at the Wilmington Dog Wizard in Wilmington, North Carolina. Team members are:

  • Danielle Coffey & Labrador Retriever, Mosley Ranch’s Fins to the Left
  • Lauren Brockway & All American Dog, Natural Nirvana
  • Courtney Lipham & Australian Shepherd, 4 T Bar Sig Sauer CGC
  • Shelby Vadnais & All American Dog, Sountrack’s Smooth Criminal
  • Chanelle Boyd & All American Dog, Winnifred Rose

Enrollment is currently taking place for the AKC Agility League Winter Season that launches on Jan. 15.

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