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Dogs with Jobs


45-55 minutes

Resources Needed:

Working Dogs Video

Working Dog Examples

Blank Paper for Each Student

Coloring Utensils


  1. Explain to students that there are many ways that working animals help people. Ask students to brainstorm what they think it means to be a “working dog.”
  2. Working dogs are dogs that are kept by humans and especially trained to do specific things to help their humans.
  3. Ask students to brainstorm types of working dogs and what jobs they do.
  4. Play the “Working Dogs” video for students.
  5. View online (or print) the “Working Dog Examples” with students.
  6. As you review the examples with the students, ask them to consider why the dog may be better at their job than a person.
  7. Encourage students to talk with a partner or small group about the things they learned about working dogs.
  8. Provide each student with a blank piece of paper and coloring utensils. Encourage students to brainstorm a job they would like a dog to do. Ask students to illustrate their idea and write about it. Younger children may write one or two sentences, while older children may write a paragraph.
  9. When students are finished, allow them to share their work with the class if they would like.


Download a printable version of this lesson plan HERE.