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Responsible Dog Ownership


45-55 minutes

Resources Needed:

Sticky Notes

Responsible Dog Owner’s Tip Sheet

2 Cones (or similar item)

2 (or more) Plush Dogs (preferably different breeds)

Required Materials: Food Dish, Dog Food, Leash, Bed, Brush, Collar, ID Tag

Random Items for Relay (i.e. textbook, board eraser, etc.)

Responsible Dog Ownership Bookmarks

Bailey Goes Home Activity


  1. Invite a Canine Ambassador to visit your group to teach this lesson. They have excellent resources available to them.


  1. Pass out sticky notes to the students. Have them work in partners or groups to discuss ways to be a responsible pet owner. Encourage them to write each idea on a sticky note and stick them to the board or another central location.
  2. Once all groups are finished, review the ideas with students and discuss as a class.
  3. Pass out the “Responsible Dog Owner’s Tip Sheet.” Read through the tips and discuss why each is important.
  4. Find a place, preferably outside, that you could set up a small relay race.
  5. Separate the students into two or more teams, depending on the size of the group. You want the teams to be even if possible, with 4-6 kids per team.
  6. Place the two cones (or similar item) for each team to one end of your space – this will be the starting and finishing point of your relay race. Then place the plush dog toys (preferably different breeds) at the opposite end to the starting point – this is the halfway point for the students’ relay.
  7. Place all the required materials listed for the dogs, as well as random items, in the middle of your space. This is where you will be standing.
  8. Have students take turns running to retrieve an item and return to their group. All students should have a turn until the items are gone. The first group that finishes wins. The winning team (or all students) can receive a “Responsible Dog Ownership” bookmark. (See “Resources” for more information).
  9. Check that teams are choosing the correct item for the word and offer assistance where necessary.
  10. When finished, discuss which items were correct and why.
  11. If there is time, have students complete the “Bailey Goes Home” activity. If there is not time, you can send this item home.


Download a printable version of this lesson plan HERE.