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Introduction to Canine Club


45-55 minutes

Resources Needed:


  1. Distribute the “All About Canine Club” document to students.
  2. Quickly review the document and expectations of the club.
  3. Invite students to share why they decided to join the Canine Club, their specific interest in dogs and if they currently have a dog. You may choose to structure this conversation in many ways.
    • A seated class discussion.
    • Pass the Ball: Students stand in a circle and throw a soft ball to one another. The person who has the ball is the speaker for the moment.)
    • Think-Pair-Share: Students form partnerships or small groups to discuss the above topics and prepare to share with the larger group.
  4. Invite the Canine Ambassador to visit the group and discuss how to greet a dog and safety around dogs. See the resource “Inviting Guest Speakers” with tips.
  5. Instruct students to take home the “All About Canine Club” document to share with their family.


Download a printable PDF version of this lesson plan HERE.