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The American Kennel Club Publications Department captivated at the 2020 Dog Writers Association of America (DWAA) Competition – winning a total of an unprecedented 10 awards!

“I’m proud of the recognition that our very talented, professional and experienced Publications staff has received,” said Director of AKC Publications, Russell Bianca. “Their hard work and dedication — to providing the best quality, informative and entertaining publications, both print and digital —  has been acknowledged by the many awards we attained for our magazines in 2020.”

This year’s winners include first-time winner Dr. Jeff Grognet, who had been writing AKC Family Dog Vet’s View column for 16 years. This honor was for the first in his new series of Medical Mysteries, in which he presents a baffling case and describes how he diagnosed the cause.

AKC Family Dog magazine also won the single photo award for our cover shot of Cocker Spaniel Elvis by Donna Bielawski. Elvis is a grand champion show dog, top-level agility competitor, and therapy dog. The photo was taken after a weekend in which he competed in a conformation show, followed by an agility trial.

AKC Family Dog magazine is written for dog owners. Published bimonthly, the publication features expert advice on behavior, training, grooming and health. Edited in a reader-friendly and entertaining style, it’s a lifestyle magazine for today’s busy families who want to enjoy a rewarding, mutually beneficial relationship with their dog.

The AKC Gazette is the flagship magazine of the American Kennel Club. Published monthly since 1889, it is recognized as the official journal for the sport of purebred dogs. The following categories and awards were release by the Dog Writer’s Association of America:

Awards won by AKC Family Dog:

  • Magazines: Single, Related, or All Breed

AKC Family Dog, Mara Bovsun, Managing Editor


  • Magazine Article: Health

Jeff Grognet—“Mark of the Wolf”


  • Magazine Article: Behavior or Training

Elaine Waldorf Gewirtz—“Shutter Dog Support”


  • Article: Rescue

Jen Reeder—”These Precious Days”


  • Article: Breed 

Elaine Waldorf Gewirtz—”The Golden Age of Heroes”


  • Single Photo

Elvis, by Donna Bielawski, AKC Family Dog cover photo


Special Awards

  • The Grey Muzzle Award

Jen Reeder, “These Precious Days”


  • The Harrison Stephens Inspirational Feature Award

Catherine Warren, “A Change of Plans”


Awards won by AKC Gazette:

  • Article/Column: Art or Any Other Topic

Bud Boccone and Kate McCroary – “The Canine Muse”


  • Online Magazine

Bud Boccone, Managing Editor


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