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The American Kennel Club (AKC®), the world’s largest dog registry and leading authority and advocate for dogs, is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2022 American Kennel Club Performance Events Junior Scholarship. A total of $10,000 has been awarded to five exceptional students. They reflect a diverse representation of AKC Performance sports and have accomplished a great deal in their dog community and at their local events.

“We are excited to acknowledge these outstanding individuals who have committed their time to learning and working with their dog in the field as well as applying their efforts in the classroom,” said Caroline Murphy, Director of Performance Events.

All recipients of this year’s Performance Events Junior Scholarship award will receive $2,000 towards their education. They were evaluated based on academic performance, extracurricular activities, participation in AKC Performance Events and involvement with AKC clubs. Potential candidates are required to submit documentation that they are a member of an AKC club and have provided volunteer work to assist with their club’s events or activities. Applicants must also write an essay on the impact their participation in AKC Performance Events has made on their life.

Each of these students were able to discover their passion in purpose bred dogs early in their lives by being introduced to these sports through family and friends.

2022 Performance Events Junior Scholarship Recipients

First Name Last Name State Event
Genevieve Chidlow VA Dachshund Field Trials
Cheyenne Colon PA Beagle Field Trials
Mikayla Lanham WA Retriever Hunt Tests
Haleigh McKeithan NC Retriever Hunt Tests and Field Trials
Ashley Wright WA Herding Trials


The American Kennel Club congratulates these five recipients who have become wonderful ambassadors to their sports and who will continue to lead the way for future juniors!