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The American Kennel Club®, a not-for-profit organization, the world’s largest purebred registry and leading advocate for dogs is pleased to announce that it is accepting applications for the AKC Eddy Award starting today through September 1, 2023.

The AKC Eddy Award is designed to encourage and reward Parent Clubs that provide extensive Breeder Education to anyone interested in breeding their breed. A Parent Club must demonstrate a breeder education effort (website, workshop, mentoring, or the like) that provides information beyond the expected in an interesting and unique manner. There will be three winners each year. All Parent Clubs are invited to submit a description of their breeder education effort for consideration by the committee consisting of AKC’s Director of Education Ashley Jacot, Vice President of Sport Services Mari-Beth O’Neill, and former AKC Chairman of the Board and Breeder of the Year award winner Alan Kalter.

“Healthy dogs come from educated breeders, and a robust Parent Club breeder education program is a significant addition to any breeder’s toolbox,” said Gina DiNardo, Executive Secretary, AKC. “We are happy to recognize Parent clubs committed to safeguarding and perpetuating their breed through education for breeders at all experience levels.”

Recipients of the award will receive:

  • A certificate will be presented to the winner(s) in December.
  • A digital badge to put on the club’s website.
  • Posting on AKC social media and/or AKC Breeder Education page.
  • An interview with the winner(s) on tape for historical preservation.
  • Winner(s) to do a write-up about their Breeder Education to share with the dog world

For more information on the award and to apply, please visit: