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National Purebred Dog Day is a great opportunity to educate your legislator about the importance of purpose-bred dogs.

On May 1st, reach out to your decision makers through email and social media and let them know the many reasons you love purebred dogs. 

Lawmakers want to hear from their constituents. During this ‘new normal,’ the way we are engaging with our decision makers is changing. Social media is a great tool to educate legislators in a concise, but meaningful way.  Not only does social media allow you to get to know your legislator in a more intimate way, but it also allows you to tell your story and emphasize your expertise.

On National Purebred Dog Day on May 1st, let your social media posts highlight the essential and important role that purebred dogs and breeders of purebred dogs have played throughout United States history. Ensure your lawmakers get your message, make sure to email or tag your legislators on social media so they know how important this day is. 

Share these posts to your social media or create your own and add the hashtags, #NationalPurebredDogDay, NPDD, and #Purebreddogs

-I am proud of my purpose-bred dog! #NPDD #NationalPurebredDogDay

-I am proud of my dog’s legacy and history! #NPDD #NationalPurebredDogDay

-Choosing a #purebreddog comes with many advantages, read more: #NPDD #NationalPurebredDogDay

-Choosing a #purebreddog means owning a dog I know best suits my personality and lifestyle perfectly. This keeps dogs out of shelters! #NPDD #NationalPurebredDogDay

-Purpose, Preservation, Predictability, & Pride – I love my #purebreddog #NPDD #NationalPurebredDogDay

-Did you know AKC Parent Breed Clubs make up one of the largest rescue networks in the country? Learn more: #NPDD #NationalPurebredDogDay

You can also download and print a ‘Happy Purebred Dog Day’ sign here.