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flying with dogs

The author of “No Pet Left Behind” writes that dog owners can travel with their pets.

In her book, “No Pet Left Behind,” Gayle Martz shares the invaluable information and tips she has picked up in her many years as a pet-toting jetsetter.

The book covers preparation, training pets to accept a carrier, advice for emergencies, and etiquette tips for both human and canine in-flight behavior. She also offers strategies such as this one for pet owners flying to Southern California. “If you’re carrying your pet onboard, fly into Long Beach or Orange County,” she says. “Smaller airports are much less stressful.”

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A former flight attendant, Martz’s journey to pet-travel expert began when she became distraught over leaving her Lhasa Apso, Sherpa, at home when she traveled out of town. She vowed to lobby the airlines to change their policies allowing small pets in the aircraft cabin, and designed the first Sherpa Bag, which was first approved by American and TWA, with other airlines following suit.

Up until that point, select airlines allowed any small, hard-sided carriers, which were both cumbersome and uncomfortable. The soft carriers provide ventilation for the pet inside, plenty of pockets for storing water and leashes, and are easy to carry and fit under an airline seat.