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Paper-Training Your City Dog

Most city residents have no access to backyard lawns or grassy fields. If they want to become dog owners, chance are they’ll need to paper train their puppies.

The task of paper-training your puppy is relatively simple:

  • Select an enclosed area with a floor that’s easy to clean, such as a bathroom of kitchen, and cover it with a layer of newspaper or puppy pads, which are available in pet stores. (You might want to first cover the floor with a plastic sheet or shower curtain.)
  • Replace dirty papers or pads immediately.
  • After a few days, reduce the area covered by the paper or pads, leaving a portion of the floor bare. Gently guide the puppy toward the paper or pads and lavish praise when he/she goes on them.
  • Gradually remove more and more paper/pads until an area just large enough for your puppy is left.
  • Be sure to clean puppy mistakes with white vinegar or cleaning products designed to eliminate any urine odor. You don’t want your puppy to pick up the scent and repeat the mistake.