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Looking for a fun and impressive trick to teach your dog? Try the “bow!” In this video, Nancy Field CPDT-KA of the Port Chester Obedience Training Club and her Labrador Retriever, Emma demonstrate how to teach your dog to bow.

Step 1: Start with your dog standing and show them a treat lure in your fist

Step 2: Move the lure from your dog’s nose to the space between your dog’s legs and back toward their belly

Step 3: As soon as your dog gets into the bow position, get your dog moving again so they don’t wind up lying down

Step 4: Continue several times with the lure

Step 5: Once your dog understands what you want and is doing it regularly for the treat lure, start using an empty hand

Step 6: Reward the dog with a treat after they complete the behavior

Step 7: Eventually, incorporate a body or virtue cue such as a doing a curtsy yourself or saying “bow down.”
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