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Submissive urination social

It’s not uncommon for a puppy to become so excited to see you that he accidentally leaves a puddle on the floor.

Some dogs, no matter how well housebroken, suffer from what is called “submissive urination.” This embarrassing problem, for man and beast, usually occurs when the “pack leader” of the household comes home, and the dog, so happy to see him or her, pees a bit on the floor.

When confronted with this bewildering behavior it’s important for owners to realize that the dog hasn’t forgotten his hard-learned housebreaking lessons. Owners should not get angry or chastise their dog. This only ensures that the dog will try even harder to appease them, and as pee is the only gift the pup has to give, the problem continues.

So what do you do?

No admonishments, no yelling, no finger-pointing. Instead, when you enter the house, ignore the dog for a few minutes, giving the pup some time to cool his jets and greet you in a more “appropriate” way.