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Anyone who has ever cared for a puppy knows and expects chewing; it goes hand in hand with puppyhood. But chewing can be a challenge for owners with adult dogs, too.

Here are some tips on how to stop unwanted chewing:

  • Dog-proof your house by putting away anything that your dog can reach and should not have. Dogs can get into everyday items, such as defuzzing tennis balls and chewing the eyes off stuffed animals. But dogs can also chew up socks, cameras – even entire leather sectional sofas. Dogs can also get into the danger zone when chewing: One dog actually chewed up an entire bottle of no-chew spray. Knowing that your dog may choose random items to chew can help you look at your house from his point of view and dog-proof accordingly.
  • When you cannot watch your dog, make sure he’s in a crate or dog-proofed area. Your laundry room with a baby gate across the doorway, for example, may work. It will require time and patience, but it is possible to crate-train an older dog. Start by putting a favorite old blanket inside and keep the door open so he discovers it on his own. Reward your pet with a treat to reinforce good behavior.
  • Dogs often chew out of boredom. Make sure your dog is getting plenty of exercise and play time with you. Don’t just put him outside by himself – go out and play ball with him. Take him on long walks. Try to teach him something new. Keep a basket of chew toys on every level and rotate them often. Hide new toys underneath the old toys and let him discover them.
  • Make sure his chew toys are enticing and remember to switch them up often so they are new and interesting. If you’re looking for a new chew toy for your dog, a great option is all-natural beef or pork treats. When choosing the perfect treat for your best buddy, make sure to read the label and look for what the product is made from. Watch out for products called “earz” as these products may actually contain other parts of the animal molded into an ear shape and can contain artificial colors and flavorings. First Companion® offers a number of long-lasting, all-natural products that dogs love in beef or pork ears, trachea and pizzles. First Companion’s beef and pork ears are sourced and made in the USA and are a single ingredient. Find First Companion long-lasting, all-natural chews at

This is an advertorial article provided by Animal Health International.

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