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He’ll love you forever and ever if you do these three things.

Give him goodies: By offering your dog yummy treats or toys—especially while introducing him to a new sight, sound, or smell—you’ll be helping him make a positive association with you and whatever else he’s experiencing. The BFF Box has one of each (a MegaPlush toy and Ryan’s Barkery treats)  as well as the MegaLast Bone, which is is double the fun—this durable (info about toy here, nylon, chewable toy or whatever) can be stuffed with your pooch’s favorite treat, like peanut butter, and frozen. Get recipes here.

Get outside with him: Playing outdoors not only provides exercise and helps him burn off that excess energy that causes him to tear up your furniture, but it also serves as bonding time between you and him. Pick your passion: playing fetch, throwing a Frisbee, or blowing bubbles—your dog will likely be happy to play along.

Offer him a room of his own: Giving your dog a crate or bed just for him allows him to have a space he can go to when he needs to relax or feel safe. A crate, for example, gives your dog a smaller space to “protect,” and can reduce some behavior problems, like separation anxiety. By adding a plush blanket, you’ll make that space super cozy and comfy—even more reason for him to be happy to curl up there while you’re gone. Bonus: You can even get the blanket personalized with your dog’s name, making it truly his own space.
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