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Location Can Indicate Urine-Marking by Female Dogs

Female dogs also engage in urine-marking. However, the behavior could be an indication of anxiety.

You may be surprised to know marking behavior is not solely in the male province. Females may also engage in this behavior, especially intact bitches in heat.

Even spayed females may urine-mark from time to time when they have important territorial messages to convey. So, if you wonder why she is marking, you might want to start by noting the location of the “accidents” and go from there.

Often, the location gives away the motivation.

If she’s an intact female, spaying will likely address the problem. If she’s already spayed, then anxiety is probably underlying the behavior. If the cause of the anxiety can be addressed, the urine-marking will cease. In some cases, anti-anxiety medication must be employed to help prevent urine-marking in neutered or intact females.

Originally published in AKC Family Dog, by Kevin Fitzgerald
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