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dog pees on bed


I have a 3 1/2 yr old Border Terrier Who still pees in the house.  Lately it is getting worse. He has started peeing on our bed. I don’t know what to do about this.  I love my dog and have never EVER gotten rid of a dog of mine, but I have never had a problem dog like this. It is not like he has to wait for us to let him out, we have a doggie door.  At night before we go to bed I watch him pee outside. Ten mins later he will pee on my bed and pillow.  I have just about had it with him.  When I take him to my families houses I have to keep a belly wrap on him. Can you help me ?

AKC Answer:

  • The first thing to do is to have a veterinarian check out your dog to rule out a urinary tract infection and make sure he is not urinating frequently due to a medical condition.
  • You did not mention if your dog still defecates in the house – or just urinates in the house. If he is only urinating and is doing so in small amounts in multiple places, he might be marking instead of actually urinating. Marking is something male dogs to do leave small pockets of urine on items as their “calling card” and to say “this is mine.” Marking often starts in adolescence and increases in frequency once a dog is physically mature. If your dog is intact, then neutering sometimes helps reduce marking.
  • The reason also could be that your dog never understood the housebreaking process so he is confused about where he can go and not go. Even though he has the dog door, he still has free access to both the yard and the house and he thinks both areas are open for him to “do his business.”
  • We would re-introduce Housebreaking 101, starting with limiting his access to the entire house and blocking all access to places where he frequently urinates. I would place the bedroom completely off limits. You can achieve this with baby gaits, ex-pens and also use of a crate. We highly recommend crate training for all dogs.
  • Whenever you cannot watch your dog, he should be in an enclosed area or his crate. You need to be able to catch him in the act to curb this. If you catch him in the act, make a noise (like eh-eh or clap your hands) and hopefully he will stop mid-stream. Take this opportunity to take him outside and reward and praise if he finishes outside.
  • Clean all places that he has urinated inside extremely well with an enzyme-based pet odor/stain cleaner.
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