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Expert Advice: Puppy Health Is Your Puppy Drinking Enough Water?
As a general rule, adult dogs need about one ounce of water per pound of body weight per day. But growing puppies, despite their smaller size, drink more than their adult counterparts. A lot depends, however, on your puppy’s age, size, and activity level. Very young pups fulfill their hydration needs from their mother’s milk. […] | March 21, 2019
Expert Advice: Did You Know? What Do Dogs Dream About?
What do dogs dream about? Have you ever wondered? Is she really hunting rabbits, or is she just twitching in her sleep? Do dogs dream as we do? While we don’t have all of the answers, scientists are taking steps to figure out dog dreams, bringing us one step closer to understanding our canine companions. […] | March 12, 2019
Expert Advice: Did You Know? Should I Let My Dog Sleep With Me?
  Do you let your dog sleep in your bed with you at night? Research has shown that slightly less than one-half of all pet owners share their bed or bedroom with their pet. Even so, you have likely been told by at least one well-meaning person that your dog should sleep on the floor, […] | July 24, 2017
Expert Advice: Cute & Funny 10 Dazzling Dachshunds You Just Have to See
  Long low bodies, three coat varieties, and lively personalities. With the Dachshund, there's a lot to love. These little hot dogs have tons of spunk and curiosity and are always off on one adventure or the other. So for your enjoyment we've chosen ten of our favorite dazzling Dachshunds...and trust us, it was hard […] | July 19, 2017
Expert Advice: Cute & Funny 10 Beagles to Make You Love the Breed More Than You Already Do
  Love the Beagle for his curious, friendly, and merry personality? Us too! Want to see 10 Beagles that will insight you appreciation and enthusiasm for the breed? Of course you do! That's why you're here. These Beagle-y Beagles are adorable, fun, and lively. Check them out!   1. Chatty Beagle   A post shared […] | July 19, 2017
Expert Advice: Cute & Funny 20 Paw-esome German Shepherd Memes
  Everyone loves the German Shepherd Dog. That's why he's America's #2 breed and one of the most recognizable dogs around. So if you love the GSD, you'll really love what we've got in store for you today...namely, 20 of the most paw-esome German Shepherd memes around. They're funny, they're relatable, they're adorable, and most […] | July 14, 2017
Expert Advice: Cute & Funny Can A Squirrel Sneak Past This Great Dane to Snag a Peanut?
  When most dogs see a squirrel, they want to chase after it. If they don't want to chase it, they're at least usually very interested. Not Briva the Great Dane. She's laying on the porch, resting her head in a comfy dog bed. When a little grey squirrel comes up on the porch to […] | June 27, 2017
Expert Advice: Sports The Many (Some Surprising) Uses and Benefits of Scent Work
Lisa Mallory's Doberman, Kelly, does an exterior search for birch and anise oil.   We've all heard about the incredible power of a dog's nose. Search and rescue dogs locate victims trapped under feet of rubble; K-9s track down fleeing suspects; and detection dogs alert to the presence of explosives, drugs, or other materials. But […] | June 19, 2017
Expert Advice: Cute & Funny Tiniest Poodle Puppy Sleeps in Owner’s Hands
  There's nothing cuter than a puppy. They're lovable, playful, and precious. And it's not often most people get to see them as newborns...but when you do, you're in awe. Which is how we're feeling after seeing this Poodle pup. This little girl is taking a snooze in her owner's hands and she is so […] | May 30, 2017
Expert Advice: Cute & Funny Westie Paw-rents Teach Pups to Play
  There's nothing better than getting good quality time with your family. Family is everything, right? They love you, teach you things, and you cherish the time you have together. Just like with these Westie paw-rents. These Westies are teaching their pups one of the most important things to know about being a dog. And […] | May 30, 2017

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