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From our friends at Vetstreet:

You may think you own a dog, but chances are good that it's the other way around. Here are six ways to know if your pooch has the upper hand in your relationship.

1. You spend little on yourself, but with your dog, the sky is the limit.

Though you stay in a bargain hotel, you put your dog up in the hottest boarding facility in town. Price is of little issue when it comes to your pup’s happiness. In fact, you booked the canine suite with the TV and raised bed at doggie daycare and even arranged a spa day for him. And style? Your dog is way morefashion forward than you are. She's always dressed to impress: matching collar and leash (with a little bling), plush carrier and perhaps a themed outfit on occasion. 

2. Your free time is focused on your pooch.

Is your day entirely scheduled around your dog? And when you finally do get a little time to spend with friends and family, do you take your dog along? Thought so. 

3. Your dog gives you commands to follow.

He rings the bell on the door or scratches to go outside, usually for his own walking entertainment and rarely to simply do his business. Or when the dog brings you a leash, you go for a walk. Essentially, with the ring of a bell or playing the adorable leash routine, your dog has taught you to take him where he wants to go.

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