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2019 NAC Regular Winners
The 2019 National Agility Champions

In the final hours of one of the most exciting dog sports weekends of the year, 105 total dogs took to National Agility Championship Finals. Eighty-two dogs competed in Standard Height finals and 23 dogs competed in Preferred Height finals. Just ten of those dogs (one per height group) walked away as winners.

Hear from each winner moments after coming off the course.

AKC National Agility Championship Winners

8″ – Gabby the Papillon
Handled by Andrea Samuels

Andrea Samuels has won the NAC four times now. “With her father, her grandmother, and her half-sister,” Samuels says, “So it’s just keeping it in the family!”

She says she and Gabby worked hard all year for this moment.

12″ – Bilbo the Papillon
Handled by Britney Imhof

Britney Imhof says no one believes that her dog Bilbo is a Papillon, even though he is. “I’m overwhelmed,” Imhof says. “It’s been a rough week, so I’m really proud of him.”

16″ – Annie the Border Collie
Handled by Naci Berkoz

“She’s not even four yet and she’s already done a lifetimes worth of winning,” Berkoz says. “I was almost in tears because a lot of good things have happened here. My Australian Shepherd won here back in 2011. Last year [Annie] came in second place.”

20″ – Hops the Border Collie
Handled by Sarah Baker

“We just won for the third time,” Baker says. “I feel amazing. He’s amazing.” She says Hops will get some extra special food and toys to celebrate.

24″ – Furgus the Border Collie
Handled by Bob Howard

“Our goal has been met,” Howard says. “We’re going to have steak tonight!”

24C” – Jimmy the Border Collie
Handled by Jennifer Martin

Jimmy was named after Jimmy Buffet, so Martin says they plan to celebrate with some cocktails. “We’ve never gotten to the finals, ever,” Martin says. “It’s a miracle he got four clean runs in a row!”

AKC National Agility Championship Preferred Winners

2019 winners preferred NAC

4″ Preferred – Logan the All-American Dog

Handled by Kim Barton

8″ Preferred – Charlie the All-American Dog

Handled by Lindy Luopa

12″ Preferred – Maizey the Australian Cattle Dog

Handled by Anne Swan

16″ Preferred – Notch the Border Collie

Handled by Amber McCune

20″ Preferred – Vette the Border Collie

Handled by Sangie Brooks

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