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AKC National Agility Championship

AKC National Agility Championship

Tulsa, Oklahoma ~ March 15-17, 2019

Photo Credit: GreatDanePhotos

Congratulations to the winners of the Regular Final Round

8 inches (2nd from left)
GCH CH MACH Starstruck Oh My Word! MXB MJS OF (Gabby) Papillon Handler: Andrea Samuels Score: 100 Time: 34.253

12 inches (3rd from left)
1st: 120334 – MACH Bilbo’s Precious MXB MJB (Bilbo) Papillon Handler: Britney Imhof Score: 100 Time: 32.811

16 inches (bottom row 2nd from left)
1st: 160605 – Rival’s Sweet Dreams Are Made Of Ths MX MXJ (Annie) Border Collie Handler: Naci Berkoz Score: 100 Time: 30.01

20 inches (bottom row 2nd from left)
NAC MACH Solar Hops For Joy RN MXS MJS MXF T2B2 (Hops) Border Collie Handler: Sarah Baker Score: 100 Time: 30.478

24 inches (2nd from right)
1st: 241280 – Ignited Rr Fiery Fast Furgus MX MXJ OF (Furgus) Border Collie Handler: Bob Howard Score: 100 Time: 33.58

24C inches (bottom row 1st from left)
1st: 24C1312 – MACH Cedar Veja Du MXS MJG (Jimmy) Border Collie Handler: Jennifer Martin Score: 100 Time: 32.345

Photo Credit: GreatDanePhotos

Congratulations to the winners of the Preferred Finals!
(from left to right)

4 inches
PNAC MACH9 PACH6 Logan Lake Hope MXC2 MJG3 MXP15 MXPS2 MJP16 MJPS2 PAX6 XF T2B CGC (Logan) All American Dog Handler: Kim Barton Score: 100 Time: 38.491

8 inches
PACH Charlie VI RA MX MXJ MXPB MJPB PAX (Charlie) All American Dog Handler: Lindy Luopa Score: 100 Time: 41.407

12 inches
MACH11 Swan Song’s Kiss From Kiwi RA MXS3 MJS3 MXP MJP MXF T2B7 (Maizey) Australian Cattle Dog Handler: Anne Swan Score: 100 Time: 34.42

16 inches
GCH CH OTCH MACH8 Darksides Kick’N It Up A Notch UDX OM2 BN RE PT MXC2 MJC2 MXP2 MJP MFB TQX T2B2 DS DJ (Notch) Border Collie Handler: Amber McCune Score: 100 Time: 32.783

20 inches
MACH2 Contact Point’s Little Red Corvette HT MXG MJG MXP MJP XF T2B (Vette) Border Collie Handler: Sangie Brooks Score: 95 Time: 34.132