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  • The American Kennel Club and UpDog have teamed up to create a new AKC Disc Dog title.
  • UpDog Challenge offers 10 unique disc games, each a variation on basic fetch.
  • AKC Disc Dog titles will be eligible for dogs earning points in three or more games.

The American Kennel Club and UpDog are pleased to announce that the accomplishments of dogs in UpDog Challenge disc dog events will hereby be recognized with an AKC Disc Dog title. UpDog Challenge (UpDog), an independent governing body for the sport of disc dog, has taken the basic game of fetch with a flying disc and expanded it into a number of creative, fun games.

“UpDog events provide a fun and healthy activity that all dogs and owners can enjoy,” said Doug Ljungren, AKC Executive Vice President of Sports and Events. “It is exciting to watch a dog’s enthusiasm for the sport. The AKC is delighted to associate with UpDog and feels disc dog events will complement the many other AKC sports and activities.”

UpDog Challenge Disc Dog Details

UpDog currently has ten different disc games, and while all games are based on the standard game of fetch, each game features a different focus, such as accuracy, distance, speed, or teamwork. More basic games involve discs and dogs only, such as Time Warp or Spaced Out, while other games incorporate agility obstacles, like the popular Frizgility.

Points earned by dogs within each game are collected to earn titles called “UPs.”  Depending on the number of points accumulated, a dog can earn a Bronze UP, Silver UP, Gold UP, Platinum UP, or the coveted Unobtanium UP. Detailed rules governing UpDog events and information about hosting UpDog events.

“UpDog Challenge was founded with the goal of making the sport of disc dog accessible to all. Our games are specially formulated so that dogs of any breed, type, size, or shape—and handlers of any ability—can play and be successful,” said Kat Fahle, CEO of UpDog Challenge.

Babz Mahony, UpDog’s CFO says, “Fetch is a foundational game almost everyone plays with their dog. If your dog can fetch, they can compete in UpDog Challenge. We encourage all dog owners to come join in the fun.”

Dogs that earn UPs in three different games are eligible for an AKC Disc Dog title. For example, if a dog has earned a Bronze UP in three games, they are eligible for the AKC Disc Dog Bronze (DDB) title. Dogs that earn Bronze UPs in six different games are eligible for the Disc Dog Bronze Elite (DDBE) title.

“The title system allows dogs to be recognized for excellence in a variety of games, while leaving the owners free to choose their favorites,” said Stephanie Kennerley, AKC Sport Development Manager. “UpDog is a fabulous dog sport, and we are pleased to provide dog owners this new opportunity to earn titles.”

Getting Started in Disc Dog

AKC Disc Dog title applications will be processed beginning October 1, 2019. Any existing dog’s accomplishments (UPs earned) will be grandfathered back to the beginning of UpDog Challenge in 2014.

Clubs that are interested in exploring the possibility of holding UpDog Challenge competitions in conjunction with their events should contact to discuss details.
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