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Puppies can be a great addition to your family, but that doesn’t mean they can’t sometimes be a handful. They have a lot to learn and require lots of training, attention, and structure from their owner.

Part of caring for a puppy includes providing opportunities for socialization and exercise for their endless energy.

While you’re considering your options, you may come across dog daycare, and wonder whether it’s the right choice for you and your puppy. Dogtopia dog daycare centers can help take care of your puppy when you’re unable to, and allows them to get the full benefits of a loving and supportive environment away from home.

When Should Your Puppy Start Daycare?

You can start bringing your puppy to daycare as soon as they receive their important vaccines. All Dogtopia daycare centers require two doses of DHPP, Bordatella, and the rabies vaccine, and some locations also require the canine influenza vaccine. Most puppies reach these basic dog vaccine requirements between 12 and 16 weeks of age, but it’s important to consult with your veterinarian to get a specific timeline of all necessary vaccines to keep your puppy and those they interact with safe and healthy.

Australian Cattle Dog puppies playing with a toy in the yard.
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Dogtopia’s professionally trained Canine Coaches have a strong understanding of the different stages of puppy development, and can effectively guide them through these phases. Things like reading dogs’ body language and social cues are what they excel at, which allows the coaches to give your dog an experience that helps them socialize with other dogs and people in public.

Consistency Is Key in Your Puppy’s Routine

All dogs benefit from a consistent routine, especially puppies, so having a dependable day-to-day schedule is important. Dog daycare not only helps provide them structure, but it also familiarizes them with different experiences in a safe environment. They will receive positive reinforcement for the correct response, and are constantly rewarded with affection when they do things like sit patiently for a nail trim, greet a new friend with a tail wag, or come when their name is called.

As a puppy enters adolescence, consistency becomes even more important. Puppies enter this stage around six months old, and it can last until around one-and-a-half years old, but this varies by breed. In this stage of their lives, puppies are known to test boundaries and have endless amounts of energy, sometimes forgetting cues they’ve learned before. The structure of daycare allows for positively-reinforced training and reminders of what good manners should look like. They’ll also be able to get their energy out during the day, so they can be calmer for you at home. They’ll associate daycare as a place for them for run and play, leaving home time for relaxing with you.

What Are the Benefits of Dog Daycare?

Socialization, exercise, and education are all key factors in caring for a dog. Puppies need exposure to many different experiences to help prevent fearful behaviors and help them develop into well-rounded adult dogs.

At Dogtopia, early socialization for puppies includes meeting Canine Coaches, who work to increase your puppy’s confidence when being led on leash, introduced to new friends, or asked to rest in a similar crate to what they may have at home. Your puppy will practice important dog-to-dog communication skills with other dogs, including letting them know they want to play, or that they’re tired and need a break.

Coton De Tulear puppies

Every dog benefits from regular exercise, and puppies need safe outlets to burn off their excess energy. Dog daycare provides the safe environment your puppy needs for the proper amount of veterinarian-recommended exercise, which can also mean a less mischievous puppy at home.

A Home Away From Home

Dogtopia daycare isn’t just for looking after your dog. Dogtopia also hosts themed events that your dog can take part in, such as “Dog Prom,” photo parties, and bacon-flavored bubble days. There are even opportunities for you and your dog to help raise money for veterans’ service dogs.

You’ll never have to worry about them while you’re apart, as dog owners can watch Dogtopia’s various live webcams throughout the daycare facilities to see how their dog is doing while they’re at daycare.

To find a Dogtopia location near you and learn more about the benefits of daycare, visit

Founded in 2002, Dogtopia is an early pioneer and innovator in the dog daycare industry, offering an experience focused on wellness, quality of care, safety, and transparency in the market. The ultimate destination for improving the physical and mental wellbeing of dogs and dog owners, Dogtopia helps our furry friends live long, healthy, and happy lives with services that address canine wellness in a holistic manner. Dog owners have the assurance of leaving their beloved furry family members in the hands of highly trained professionals in an environment created with the safety of dogs in mind, including spacious playrooms assigned by size and play style, comfortable rubber flooring to reduce impact on joints and paws, and webcams for dog owners to check in on their pups. For more information, visit
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